What Fall '07 color is going to be your favorite?

  1. I was looking at the swatch of colors and was wondering which one was going to be the HOT color for Fall. I really hope the Rouge is the same as Rouge Theater because I will be all over it! What color is your favorite or your first one to buy?
  2. Either a Rouge or Jaune First :smile:

    (But only if the leather is TDF!)
  3. Judging by the overwhelming response in the last f/w '07 th read, violet and jaune are going to be the big, BIG sellers! I'm hoping to get in on a Violet Work.

    The rouge sounds intriguing too.
  4. Violet and then eventually yellow. In city.
  5. Yeah, I am definitely getting a Violet something but I heard they were only making that in select styles so I was talking about the colors that are going to be made in every style.
  6. Violet and Yellow Firsts please! :yahoo:
  7. I'm going for the underdog colors again (much like sandstone when the first swatch board came out)...

    blue and mastic.

    Although I can't wait to see what plomb looks like. Plus I must have an mu clutch in Jaune
  8. Here's a repost of the swatch pics to help everyone:[​IMG]

  9. Jaune twiggy! :graucho:

  10. Doesn't Mastic look like a darker Sandstone or just like '06 s/s Cognac?
  11. Bleu, tabac, rouge, plump, mastic, and ivory. Jaune sounds intriguing, too, but I'm not sure I'll get anything in it, probably just drool over everyone elses bags.

    I'm am most excited for bleu though. It looks like a true cobalt - exactly what I'm hoping for.
  12. I agree, I think it's a darker Sandstone. I was hesitant to get my Sandstone in the Weekender because I was afraid that it will get dirty easily but if Mastic is a much darker/richer shade I would so love to get it in the Weekender size
  13. I totally agree! I can't wait to see this color. Thank goodness it's not a part of the collection colors so we'll get to see it much sooner.
  14. I'm interested in a rouge flat clutch with silver gh and mastic maybe in a PT.
  15. rouille/ rust