What? FAKE designer handbags in TPF?!?!?!?

  1. Did anyone received e-mails like this one in their TPF mail box ???
    We offer AAAA+++++ Mirror Image Quality Handbags, Purses, Jewellery, Clothing,
    fast delivery, friendly service. Always dream of owning a designer item?
    Look no further! Visit us today

    This is so disturbing…:throwup:
  2. No, that's so weird! I would just let a moderator know about it, they can tell the person to stop or they'll get banned.
  3. I got something wierd like that a few weeks ago..It was about getting Hermes bags for cheap $$..I forwarded it to Megs...She banned the user...I would check to see what mod is on and pm them (fast)..:yes:
  4. I received the same and forwarded it to Vlad. Disgusting.
  5. oh no! That's awful!
  6. I got the same message a couple of weeks ago... :\
  7. I did just now.
  8. Very scary!! :sad: I'd hate for those jerks to come and ruin the forum
  9. They won't get far. Just forward any suspicious emails to a mod and/or Vlad n Megs.
  10. Yup I got it too...this afternoon!
  11. Someone else posted a thread about this over in the General Discussion. Vlad responded and said they already banned the offending member. HTHs!
  12. I'm sure the moderators will take care of it, but it makes me sick that they found a way to permeate this site. It's bad enough I have to field 5 of these a day through my eBay store. Barf. :throwup:
  13. I recieved one a few months ago but these people get banned pretty quickly!!
  14. Unfortunately, tPF has grown so large and so popular that the fakers see it as a viable outlet to sell their wares. :cursing: But thankfully also, we have a mod squad ready with their rifles and Fendi Spy (Vlad! :graucho: ) to smack them into oblivion :p
  15. Yes, I do received before. But take note that once you receive those private messages from someone, always forward it to the mods so that they will know who to ban, etc. etc.