What factors attract you to a particular brand?

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  1. It's interesting to see customer service on so many of your posts. I look for quality/workmanship and practicality/design. Quality and workmanship is most important to me. If I'm going to pay high end I want it to last.
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    This is such an interesting thread!
    ITA agree with much of the sentiments expressed here...

  3. Great post! We have the same list.
  4. For me the brand has to be a reflection of me, Style & Personality
    I like most the quality, design, practicality.
    If im purchasing in store then customer service would be my number one, having great to outstanding service says a lot to me about the training of the staff in treating each customer the same. I want to feel welcomed and special not just another customer being in the staff's way.
    Great Service = Money Spent.
    Bad Service = Im Shopping Somewhere Else.
  5. Design is like 99% of what attracts me to a bag. my collection is a mish-mash of different designers, because i like to have a variety. but really, if i see a bag and fall in love with it, that's it! i don't care who designs it.

    i guess Quality would be the 2nd most important- because if i go touch that beautiful bag, and it feels stiff or i think it's going to fall apart, i probably won't buy it. but overall the design is what gets me.

    personally, Customer Service doesn't matter that much to me, but maybe that's because i've never had a major problem with a bag. i just know that when i fall in love with a bag, i don't care if the company that sells it isn't very helpful- i just want the bag!
  6. 1. Design
    2. Quality
    3. Image
    4. Price
    5. Customer Service
    6. Store's architecture (I usually buy online anyway)
  7. 1) Quality VS Cost - gives you the feeling that it's money well spent when you're able to use it for years and it looks and feels the same when you touched it the first time

    2) Brand Reputation - i would rather go for classic brands that have been well popular even before the date i was born. They are timeless. Not like new brands that are popular and super expensive for a year or up to 5 years, and they vanish or doesnt turn out to be a "classic" brand

    3) Anti - Fakers - Its nice to consider the factor where the particular bag that you like should be super super hard to fake and copy. It feels bad when you spend your hard earned money on something you would find in the flea market in its "fake version"..altho of course you know yours is real, but it still makes your eyes squint and your nose to crumple. heheh
  8. Interesting thread!

    1. Design
    2. Customer Service (and to me this very much includes after-market service!!!)
    3. Practicality
  9. mine is
    1. design
    2. practicality
    3. quality
    4. customer service

    most high end brands have great quality so i'm not so concerned with that... design is my deciding factor, then practicality. no point in spending so much money if i'm not going to use it! quality doesn't even matter in that case.
  10. I agree with most, although lately I have been rethinking my list...

    Quality...first nad foremost...I want it to look luxurious and feel luxurious
    The thought in it...and lately I have been looking for a bag that can give me this, and doesn't cost 3000.00...I like the newer brands, and hate logos (although I admit I went through a phase)
    I like to support newer artists, whether its jewelry...love Subversive!!!, or bags..my new obsession as of a couple days ago when I got my first one...Muratori
    Funny, the two things the above designers have in common...respect for the environment, environmental sensitivity...which makes me feel good about buying!

    i guess in this economy, I feel like i want to support the newer guys, give them a chance and heck I can buy three of the newer guys to one gucci, or other brands, and not feel like a billboard...but it must have quality and I prefer no made in chinas...if I am buying anything I like for it to come from the those that are the experts...Italy!
  11. 1. Design
    2. Quality
    3. Price
    4. Customer Service
  12. 1. image 2. design 3. quality 4. price...more expensive means im more likely to want it
  13. ITA If I don't like the design then the rest doesn't matter. Secondly it has to be practical for my lifestyle. I won't buy a bag that can't be worn on the shoulder and it has to hold everything that I carry on a daily basis. After that I look at the quality, some leather and workmanship is just better than others even among top rated designers. Customer service plays a minor role for me. I have never had an issue with a bag but in the purchasing of the bag if I had a great SA I am going to feel more postively about my purchase and will be more likely to buy again. If I have a negative experience I most likely will not buy from that store and possibly would chose a differnt brand over the one that I was going to buy.
  14. Not in any particular order
    1. Quality
    2. Timelessness
    3. Practicality
    4. Durability
    In general, I stay away from anything overly trendy.