What factors attract you to a particular brand?

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  1. For me it's primarily design/style, quality of materials and workmanship, and cost per wear (eg, I'll spend a lot on a bag I can carry frequently).
  2. A. It must be strong, soft leather
    B. Stitching must be done correctly
    C. The design should be timeless in my every day bags
    D. Price has to reflect craftmanship (which 99% of bags don't - majority made in China for dollars)
    E. Customer Service should be hands on excellent in the event of a broken strap or problem.
  3. For choosing Image over Quality or Design, I feel like the most likely person without good taste here T__T. But, you know, sometimes I feel very 'In' (in vogue, in trend, not insane :biggrin:) when I carry an expensive item when I go out, especially if I know a celeb who has used the same thing. It is quite 'me, me, too', isn't it? That's why I think it must be the Image which the bag (mine is LV) conveys. Moreover, it certainly helps if the my LV baby can endure and stay with me long.
    About price, I read an article from the tabloid, whose name I couldn't remember, which details all the prices of Posh's Birkins including one around £80000. I drooled after that one Immediately! -__-.
  4. I can't wait to buy my impractical one! :biggrin:
  5. 1)quality
    and of course the brand........if you name which, heads will probabaly turn:nuts:
  6. You know, I actually steer clear from most bags which have been worn by celebrities... Like, if you read a magazine and you see: "Oh, it's __________, look at her lovely __________", and you see them with a lovely bag, but their outfit consists of a t-shirt, a trucker cap and Juicy written all over their asses... I just wish *some* celebrities could have a sense of style and actually look nice when they go out...
  7. it's interesting to hear almost everyone here say "customer service" because that is totally not on my list! I don't think I've ever used customer service, esp. for bags. I guess... in a way I'm lucky then? :P

    What attracts me is:
    style/design (including practicality) and quality/craftsmanship.
  8. but that's boho chic, helloooooo :biggrin:
    I think some celebs can pull it off quite well. I don't like to see them all dressed up every time they go out. t-shirt and jeans can be really nice, and if a nice bag accompanies that - you got a good thing going. I'm one of those people who think a good bag and a good pair of shoes makes an outfit, clothes come second (of course, this doesn't mean "anything goes"! ;) )
  9. I'm don't own any high end. But anyway:

    1) quality
    2) reasonable price
    3) has to have what i'm looking for in design (not designer)
    4) don't care about any particular brand, there's goods and bads in all of them IMO, I am not loyal
  10. Agree with most of the above posts..

    1. Design
    2. Quality of material
    3. Workmanship
    4. Customer service
    5. Price
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here:

    1) Customer Service

    Yes, with most bags this will never come into play. If the bag is well made you likely won't even KNOW if the company has good customer service. But when you have a problem, no matter how good the bag looks, if the company (or merchant) is unethical or gives you the runaround, you will feel so frustrated and disgusted, both with them and yourself for ever buying the bag in the first place that it is the only thing that will matter. Not only will you not purchase that brand again, your negative feelings will make you want to get rid of all the bags you own of this brand.

    2) Quality

    Gorgeous leather and impeccable workmanship are a thing of beauty you will appreciate everyday

    3) Design

    I tend to go with classic designs that will last a long time so I guess I'm not as style conscious.
  12. :yes: So, so true. :goodpost:

    As for me, my list goes something like this:

    1. Quality
    1. Design
    1. Customer service

    I can't really rank them, because frankly, all three are incredibly close and if one isn't up to par, I'm done with that brand.
  13. I agree with everyone else. Design and quality are #1. I also am starting to look at where a bag is made, the company's treatment of its people, it's sustainable practices. They can use the top quality materials and be the most "status" brand but if their bags are sewn primarily in a sweatshop somewhere, I cannot support them.
  14. Soft, buttery leather that gets better over time. Quality workmanship (perfect stitching, no crooked lines). Hardware is of top quality material - zippers, turnlocks, etc. As a matter of fact, I try zipping a bag repeatedly before buying one. If it doesn't feel smooth, I don't buy the bag.
  15. yeah exactly, but i would go for practicality more then the design in certain cases and would even chooses design over quality in some, it really depends!