what fabric does the wapity come in?

  1. I've seen mono and MC, but do they make it in other fabric..like epi perhaps? :graucho:
  2. SADLY! No, but we all wish it did, and Damier!
  3. Nope. Won't mind an Azur one:nuts:
  4. i wish! i want a damier and maybe an azur, but they won't even SO it at all. :s
  5. An Azur would be so cute:girlsigh:
  6. ^^Aww I guess I got my hopes up! If they did I would have gone tonight on a whim to pick it up :sad:
  7. ooh an epi wapity would be hot. I would have to get one too!
  8. I would love it in Suhali or Vernis.
  9. I think Azur would be gorgeous. :heart:
  10. A suhali wapity sounds really nice and with big golden hardware too! :love:
  11. vernis :drool:
  12. Anyone know if theres any hope in one in any of the fabrics you girls just mentioned?
  13. Just mono and mc, sadly.