What F/W '06 Color Purse?


Best F/W '06 Color for a Purse style B_bag

  1. Truffe/Mushroom

  2. Sapin/Forest Green

  3. Grenat/Oxblood

  4. Rouge Vif/Fire Engine Red

  5. Bleu Roi/Blueberry

  6. Greige/Cement

  7. Marron/Olive Brown

  8. Camel/Light Caramel

  9. Blue India/Blue-Grey

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  1. I love the Purse style and heard it was being discontinued, so I want to get one before it's too late.

    Which F/W '06 color do you think would be best in this style?

    I wear everything: earth tones, black & white as well as all colors. I have dark blonde hair and yellow undertones in my skin.

    Here's a link to the swatch board if needed:
    atelier.naff: Where have these been hiding? More swatches...

    Thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. i would go between greige and rouge vif... but maybe rouge vif? :P
  3. I think the Purse would look really pretty in that new light Caramel:smile:
  4. ^ I saw a City in the Camel/Light Caramel color and thought it was very pretty.
  5. I voted red but now I'm thinking that the blue india would be really nice in this style and with your coloring.
  6. Rouge Vif!

  7. I love Blue India and Rouge Vif(I couldn't decide so I'm getting both colors. lol!). This is tough...that pic of Christina Aquilera and her Rouge Theatre Purse looked stunning, though. I think Rouge Vif would look amazing in the Purse. Ok, get the Rouge Vif in the Purse and the Blue India in another style. lol.:P
  8. Is Blue India in stores yet?
  9. Not yet...supposedly, it may arrive at BalNY by the end of this month, but Jumpei at AR told me that it may take until Sept/oct(I asked about the City style, though).
  10. I vote rouge vif!! Grenat would be great, too :smile:
  11. Rouge VIF with Grenat as a close second.
  12. LOL I have to say, I love how I can vote for more than one on your poll! :biggrin:

    BTW for the purse style, it's a toss between camel (I think it'll be super versatile for the colors you mentioned & would look great in the purse style) or rouge vif (loooooooooove red, great stunning, TDF statement-making color)
  13. I'd vote for sapin just because I just bought one :smile:
    I'd buy the work in rouge vif.
  14. Sapin looks beautiful in the purse style. :yes:
  15. Has anyone seen a purse at a store lately? I'm waiting to hear what Aloha Rag has in stock.