What eyeshadow colours should I use for my blue eyes?

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  1. I have baby blue eyes and I dont know which shadows to use that will help them pop! Ive been using a tannish/bronze colour but Im getting bored of that. Any suggestions? :heart:
  2. When I read the title, I was going to suggest coppery colors! That's what you're tired of though! Other than that, I would say smokey greys with black liner and mascara would work!
    Mine are green and I use a lot of purples and plum shades to get a great contrast.
  3. Ohhh, I wish I had blue or green eyes haha. :smile: Blue eyes look amazing with "opposite" colors such coppers, golds, etc., but you mentioned that you're bored of those colors haha. :p I think blue eyes also look great with cool tones like silvers, greys (you could try Mac satin taupe for a neutral brownish grey, etc.), lilacs (if you're doing a simple pink gloss or something), etc. Hmm... a simple wash of any of those color with mascara for day (and liner if you want too) would be gorgeous... and if you like the smoky look you can just amp up those same colors, add more liner, mascara, etc. :smile: I love playing with makeup... have fun! :heart:
  4. I think metallic copper looks amazing with blue eyes. I also really like peachy-apricot shades with blue eyes. Orange is opposite from blue on a color chart, so anything orangey will really make the blue stand out.
  5. I have blue eyes too and stick with the browns. I was thinking green but not sure if that was too harsh?
  6. purple would look gorgeous. an olive shade too. or silver, black
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. I cant believe I never considered grays! :upsidedown:
  8. According to the latest PEOPLE Style Watch mag, the best shades for Blue Eyes are earthy tones such as Golden rose, shades of brown, and gunmetal gray.