What eyebrow powders/pencils/fillers do YOU use?

  1. argh the search thing isn't working...but what powders/pencils/fillers do you use for your eyebrows and how do you like it?

    SO far I've tried:

    1) spiked MAC eyebrow pencil with Mystery mac eyeshadow (too dark for me)
    2) Beneift eyeshadow wax & powder (the darkest one..forgot the name) .. too dark for me..
    3) Armani #3 eyebrow pencil...works good for me but i feel like i need some sort of powder to fill my brows in better...just havent found the perfect shade..

    anyone tried the smashbox brow tech eyebrow enhancer? my friend had it on and it looked good on her..maybe coz she didnt have much hair on her eyebrows but i actually do have hair..anyways--share your faves!:tup:
  2. i've tried tons of different ones but my favorites thus far are the anastasia brow pencil and powders-they both look very natural and i've actually gotten compliments on my eyebrows. the brow powder is a bit more time consuming than the pencil, and i have yet to try both in conjunction with each other but i'm actually planning on doing that today (i've been using these two products for ages so i don't know why i haven't thought to layer before-probably because it's too much of a hassle). definitely try them out!
  3. ooh anastasia? Did you get it at sephora & what color of the pencil/powders do you get? and what is your hair color? right now mine is like a dark dark brown...i dont know if your hair color is the same to match your brows but anywho--will definately try it out once i go to sephora! and let me know what color your pencil/powders are also =)

    let us know how using both works out for you!
  4. I like Bare Escentuals brow powder, also Maybelline's brow pencil (comes in a 2 pack so is super cheap).
  5. i got the brow powder in brunette (well actually the set with 2 powders, a wax, highlighter, brush, and brow stencils) during sephora's F&F during the 2006 event i think [​IMG]

    the powder shown on the bottom left is quite dark, the one on the bottom right is a little light, so i mix the two-they have really great lasting power, and for those times when my brows get a little unruly or i'm in a rush the stencils work like a charm :tup:

    i have this pencil in brunette-i think i purchased my last one at victoria's secret's semi-annual sale for like 70% off so it was a great deal, and lasts forever. it's very very easy to use and great for when i just need to fill my brows in and run out the door [​IMG]

    my hair is naturally dark brown but right now it's a brown-ish red shade, still pretty dark but i feel like the anastasia colors are very flattering-definitely try them at sephora :graucho:
  6. awesome! they sell anastasia pencils at Vicky secret's?? wow! anywho-thanks for being so helpful! and the stencils work out pretty well for you?? i've never tried stencils before! =)
  7. I use a dark eyeshadow (MAC in Concrete) as my brow powder.
  8. oh yeah! i forgot i use eyebrow gel too! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  9. I use and have used several different products for my eyebrows.

    I really liked using Mac Cork eyeshadow for my eyebrows. It was a really natural brown. I tried out the Mac 'brow duo. (Forgot the color)
    Didn't really like it as much as plain ol' Cork.

    I have since grown my hair out and it's not as "brown," and a lot more darker so I use these things now:
    I use it in blonde. Since my eyebrow is dark, it just gives it a nice light, sparkly gold-ish tint. It doesn't look as odd as it sounds.

    Bare Escentuals Brow powder. "Dark blonde/medium brown." If you use powders like this, just make sure you have a really good brow pencil. I like this because it stays on well for the whole day and the color is natural and intense. It doesn't look like it was smeared on.

    Sometimes I use a cheap brow pencil to keep it looking and lasting a lot longer. I just get one from Sephora in a light/natural brown.


    Hope I helped somehow!
  10. oh boy do i have a lot to try next time i go to sephora!!!! im gonna bring in a list! =) thanks everyone !! hehe

    keep your fave's coming!
  11. I use the Anastasia stencils and fill in with e.l.f. grey eyeshadow using a slanted brush
  12. I use the Bare Escentuals brow powder in dark blonde. It looks very natural. However, it shows up strangely in photos. I use the powder with the Bare Escentuals slanted brow brush.
  13. the stencils work really well! they come in a bunch of different shapes/arches so you should definitely be able to find one that suits you.

    i tried using the pencil and powder together and there wasn't a huge difference, but i did notice it lasted without fading all day. i really haven't been able to find eyebrow products that i like better :tup:.
  14. ysl duo expertsourcils(Eyebrow enhancer duo)from one side is colour from otheris sculptor...