What extensions do u have? or want?

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  1. What extensions do you think are the best? Or what kind of extensions do you have?? :smile:
  2. I have sew in extensions using bohyme hair. Great hair for the price. I have used hair dreams fusion megahair fusion and just regular fusion with the nail shaped glue tips. This cost me thousands of dollars and screwed up my hair. I maintained my hair and did everything correctly . My hair just cannot handle it. The fusion pulls my hair out by the root and makes my hair thin. I have had no problems with the sew in besides it slipping and needing to get it redone more often but I have a lady who does it for a great price so no worries. My own hair is getting really long with this method.
  3. I don't currently have extensions but in the past I have always had the sew in type. When done correcltly, they actually made my natual hair grow, and they looked really cool. I might do it again for summer.

  4. I have clip-ins. My hair is already really long though, so I just use them for flashes of colour. My friend uses a full head of clip-ins & they look really good, you can barely ever see the clips.

    I've had glued in ones before, but I didn't really like them. Two of my friends had glued in too, but did them themselves, with cheap hair & didn't look after them properly. Now they have huge bald patches from them! So if you get glued in ones, please make sure someone who knows what they are doing does it for you!
  5. I use HairDo, by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson.

    I have 19" layered, 15" curly, the updo chignon and the 21" straight.

    I got them all in human hair, so if i wanted to I can curly/straighten them as I please.
  6. I got my Cinderellas back in love them.:yahoo:
  7. I've been thinking about Dome extensions but can't find a lot of feedback on them nobody here seems to know anything about them.
  8. havent heard of them
  9. have had sew, glue, and currently have clip. Have the jess Simpson ones, but I thought they only had the 22" in Human (which I have) and the rest in synthetic (which I also have)...?
  10. I'm in my friend's wedding in July and am thinking of getting human clip-in extensions to add thickness and length. I am not sure what kind to get yet though...
  11. Bella and OMG... Its funny all of us rabbit people have them .. I have found the bunny has dragged mine out and is chewing on them many times

  12. ha ha I know! I think it it because my real gets chewed at times too! LOL

    Although, yours look fabulous (looking back to your pic with Santa and Luigi)
  13. None hehe. One of my friends had glue-ins, though. It was hell taking them out and she ended up having to chop a lot of hair off because it had been permanently damaged/torn off. So I'm learning from her experience!
  14. i dont know what my extensions are called? :shrugs:
    i have pieces of my hair where they have braided in the extension hair with my real hair and then tied it in with a rubberband.....
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