What Exercise Are You Doing Today??

  1. Wednesday

    45 minute boot camp session (today I'm feeling it!!)
  2. Past 3 days I've been doing 30 day shred and keep going
  3. cardio kickboxing + 6 mile run
  4. Today, nothing. But I did swim 1km on Friday morning. :heart:
  5. I haven't posted in a while, but I definitely have not stopped on my exercise (even during traveling in less than great hotel gyms!).

    To get back to the posting:

    Today: 1 hour spinning (to less than great music, lol, oh well)
  6. Did another spinning class today, woo, intense!
  7. Monday

    10 mile bike ride
  8. 10 mile run
  9. Insanity!
  10. Did a 45 min cardio class. I hate cardio with a passion, so the only way I can get it in is if I attend a class full of other people.
  11. yoga 90 mins
  12. 30 day shred--starting level 2 today + running 20 min.
  13. 1 hour boot camp
  14. 3.5 km power walk uphill on the treadmill
  15. My wife and I are oposites, She is the intelect & I am athletic. We use this all the time to get things done. Don’t try to change your spouse people. Use thier strengths. I help with movment, she helps with knowledge. I recomend a book that teaches you how to diet vs. an Eat like this diet. It is like teaching you to drive before seting you off down the road in a car. That makes sense!