What Exercise Are You Doing Today??

  1. i have three or four different studios i go to. i just purchase groupons/ class packages and go to whichever studio has a convenient time (i have an unpredictable schedule!). i'm in love with barre, too. its actually a harder workout than crossfit for me! and quick results :smile:

    how do you do home stuff?
  2. Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis
  3. 1 hour of Zumba
  4. 1hr of crossfit
  5. 2mile run
  6. Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis
  7. How do you like her meta workouts? Are you able to modify with ease? I'm giving Tracy Anderson DVD another try, and ordered precision toning DVD along with pregnancy project (again, lol). After all, I did like her postnatal DVD but it did take me time to get used to her moves. I think maybe I didn't give it enough time with her other videos!
  8. I really like the pregnancy workouts but I only found month 4-6 challenging enough to be honest. Those three are fantastic though and she is kind enough to count along more to the moves so you know what's happening without having to watch her while you're facing forward/down on all fours. I really like the metamorphosis workouts now. At first I felt she didn't talk enough or cue enough but once you know how many reps she does (I'd definitely watch every workout before you do it the first time) you can just count them out yourself. I do everything except for lying down abs and that has been absolutely fine. It kicks my butt just the right amount :smile:
  9. 45 mins pilates
  10. Pop physique original butt DVD + slim and toned prenatal barre DVD
  11. 1hr yoga for ydy, today and tmr!!
  12. Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis
  13. JM ripped in 30, starting from the beginning again after a 4 week hiatus....
  14. Thank you for your response! I also found that many prenatal workouts are just not challenging enough and have been gravitating towards no pregnancy workouts with modifications. I'm super excited to try Tracy Anderson's precision toning DVD, hopefully it will motivate me to try metamorphosis program after the pregnancy.
  15. 45 mins elliptical