What Exercise Are You Doing Today??

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  1. Oh I'm a wimp too!! I wait until after 9pm before I go run/walk. It's just too hot. I don't want to die...LOL

    Enjoy your ride!! :smile:
  2. Awesome, there is a REI going in not too far from my house. I will be there ASAP!! Thanks so much for taking the time and giving me tips! :biggrin:
  3. I took an "Iron Ballet" class:smile:
  4. Thanks! Hopefully today's ride will be less jumpy:p
  5. What is iron ballet? Sounds interesting and quite painful ;)
  6. ^^ Oh yes, I'm curious too!!
  7. Today I ran in intervals because my body is just tired from yesterday's workout.

    Walked 5 min
    Ran 15 min
    Walked 5 min
    Ran 15 min
    Walked 5 min
  8. I did a Body pump class at the gym. I have been told it really tones you up.
  9. CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD):

    15 minutes, as many rounds as possible of-

    20 situps
    15 hand-release push-ups
    10 box jumps (20")
    5 burpees
  10. HIIT~ High Impact Intensity Training

    4 min moderate warm up
    45 second max burst
    60 second min-mod recovery

    4.40 min moderate cool down
    =20 minutes total

    I am trying to increase my caloric burn...I can definitely feel it in my legs
  11. You guys are intense! I hope to be there soon...I'm just starting out. I'm not getting as sore as I was in the beginning...means it's time to change it up. If I don't hurt - I feel as if I'm not doing enough.

    Anybody else enjoy the sore feeling. I love it! It's my reward :biggrin:
  12. 45 min spin class at 12:30
  13. Today is step aerobics
  14. Today will be a 6 mile hike/trail run
  15. Today was 60 minutes strength training with my personal trainer
    45 minute run with my friend after work (TRAINING FOR THE WARRIOR DASH!)