What Exercise Are You Doing Today??

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  1. I thought it would be nice to share what work outs we are doing and what changes we can see from them.

    Today I plan on going to the gym and hitting the weights. Then once I am home dh and I will go for a 2-2.5 mile run/walk.

    I worked on my abs yesterday (using my exercise ball) feeling oh so good and sore today in my core. I will most likely do that again in a bit.
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  2. Today is track training for me so some type of speed workout totaling around 3-4 miles.
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  3. Nice!!

    So I see that you are a runner. I am thinking about running my first 5k in a month or so. Any tips you can give a newb? :biggrin:
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  4. Tonight is 20 minute interval run (hills and sprints)
    2000 meter row
    20 minute elipticle

    15 minutes core training
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  5. I did workout 1 of Stage 7 in NROLW today which is 5 exercises, low weights, high reps for 4 sets. I worked out this morning and my body is on fire! I did back squats, reverse lunges, pushups, deadlifts and dumbbell rows.
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  6. Nice! Make it hurt so good!!!
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  7. Sounds like an excellent work out!! :smile:
    Get it, girl!
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  8. I know! I hope I see more changes in this stage. How many times do you work out a week? I lift 3 days (Tue, Thurs, Sat) and do running midweek and then Zumba on Friday so my workouts will sound boring if I post them here. LOL. Sundays I go for a walk/run with BF.
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  9. Never boring, this is about support and sharing! ;)

    I work out about 5-6 times a week (or I will be, have to get ready for the marathon...eek). I think that I am even going to do yoga on my rest days....just to continue to stretch and work my muscles.
  10. Congrats on running your first 5k! That's awesome! Are you looking for tips on training or races? Either way, what works for me is:

    1) Start SLOW! I can't tell you how many people hit a wall / bonk / lose all energy because they start out running too fast. It was probably the hardest thing for me to learn because I always wanted to start out sprinting & it took me forever to learn how to control that.

    2) Follow your training schedule. It doesn't matter which one you use, just make sure you stick to it. BUT listen to your body . . . I can't tell you how important rest days are especially when your body starts feeling fatigued. I always ignored them when I first started running but as the mileage on my runs increased, those rest days saved both my body & my mental state.

    3) Hydrate & fuel properly & figure out what type of gel / electrolyte you like way before the race. My tummy doesn't care for Gu but I love e-Gel & I prefer Cytomax although Gatorade does the job if I don't have a choice. Carbo load the week leading up to the race and not just the day before and make sure you don't make any changes to your normal routine on race day (no trying new breakfast options or electrolytes or gel . . . that's a recipe for possible disaster on the race course).

    There are tons more but those are my top 3. Also, feel free to pop into the tPF Running Club thread! There are a ton of veteran runners on there that could probably give you much more sage advice than I can.

    Good luck on your race! Can't wait to hear how you do.
  11. Awesome, thanks so much!! So where do you find the gels and such? I know that I need to get good shoes or better shoes. Is that as important for shorter distant races? I don't want to hurt my feet...they are sorta important...lol ;) I will most definitely check out the other thread. Thanks again! :flowers:
  12. Yesterday my horse spooked and tore off into a jumpy gallop....was a workout just trying to stay on!

    Riding again today, hopefully I will be swimming tmrw, ate too much recently
  13. YES! The right shoes really is the #1 thing for running regardless of whether you're running 1 mile or 26.2. That and the right sportsbra. You should definitely go to a running store to get fitted for shoes.

    My TNT running coach actually recommended the e-Gel. Only certain stores carry it but it is available on-line. I've tried GU, Clif gels & a bunch of others but the e-Gel works best for me. Clif shot blocks & GU gummies & things like that also work for some people. You can get all of those things at REI, Sports Basement, Big 5 or any other sports store.
  14. I will be riding my horse later this evening. I wanted to go for a run earlier today but it's too hot out. Yeah, I'm a wimp.
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  15. Oh yes, I remember rides like those. I haven't been on a horse for years and years. It was such a great workout. Enjoy your ride :smile:
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