What exactly makes a woman "needy"????

  1. Ok, so I'm looking for some ideas here from our fabulous guys and gals! What is it exactly that makes a man think a woman is being too needy?
  2. i think mainly not ever wanting to be away from the man/getting dramatic when he wants to go do something without her.
  3. I think a man thinks a woman is needy when:

    A woman calls more than once without getting a return call.

    A woman would switch around all of her plans to be with him.

    A woman who can't go anywhere or do anything alone. And I mean anywhere. I have known women who can't even go to the convienience store alone!

    A woman who tells all of her serious personal business on the first date!

    A woman who cries too much!

    I actually feel the same way about men. I hate desperation. It's so unattractive!
  4. I agree w/ most of what Crystal said.
    I agree, desperation is a HUGE turn off.
  5. Is the woman single or in a relationship?

    If she's single, needy is:
    Freaking out if he he hasn't called after a day.

    Driving by his house every chance she got, although this one might boarderline on stalking.

    If she's in a relationship, needy is:
    She gets upset when he doesn't want to spend YET ANOTHER evening with her and wants to spend time with friends.
  6. asking " why haven't you called me"

    "where were you"

    things like that
  7. ^^ On that note, constantly asking,

    "Do you love me?"
  8. Being whiney about everything...using that as the only tactic to get anything she wants. Yuck!!
  9. A woman is needy when she expects her man to fill her up, make her whole and complete her.
  10. A needy person (because it can go both ways) is someone that smothers the other person. It's like having a child. You constantly have to be the parent to the other person. They also can't think for themselves without asking what the other person thinks about whatever situation.
  11. ITA:yes:. You summed it up nicely. A woman is needy when she just can't BE comfortable with herself doing her own thing without her man. Everything she does, says, or thinks revolves around him---NEEDY!
  12. A woman is needy when she can't start a sentence with "I" anymore. It's always "we."

    As in: "We feel that . . . . "
  13. Being needy? When she can't go anywhere without someone, whether it be a boyfriend, friend or relative. If she can't do this one and only thing, then that really spells a needy person.
  14. ITA
  15. Anyone who puts their life on hold for another person is desperate and qualifies as needy. Usually the best relationships come to those who are happy with themselves and who and where they are in life without a partner. No one wants to be with someone who is unhappy.