what exactly is the protocol at hermes?

  1. I don't anthing from Hermes yet, but I always hear about how difficult it is to purchase things there. Exactly what is the protocol for a new client? Thanks everyone!
  2. What are you looking to purchase?
  3. oh this is for the distant future haha i'm pretty young. but like a birkin or a kelly, i know there's a waitlist but like, what would a first time customer who wanted to puchase one do?
  4. Start off with the little items, bracelets, scarves, pocket squares, belts. You won't be disappointed. Everything they make is top of the line. Eventually start talking to them about the bag you'd like. Please go in with some knowledge of leathers and colors. Not to be rude, but it does drive them a little batty when you ask them what leather and color would be good for you. There are so many choices and they can spend hours going over that with you. It's a daunting task for any SA. I say this to save their time and yours, and also to save you some aggravation.
  5. Help me! I established a relationship with two SAs from different boutiques and they both left. Is the relationship with the store back down to zero? I've been talking to one of the SAs from one boutique and I'm not sure we really connect...what do I do?
  6. What city?
  7. Hi lovehermes, I don't think your relationship with the store is back to zero. How about speaking to the Store Manager when you visit the store again? Tell him/her that you'd been really comfortable with the SA who had left. If the Store Manager is a good one, she will be more than happy to ask a really nice SA to help you from there. The Store Manager will appreciate that you'd want to continue the relationship with his/her store...just my 2 cents :smile:

    IMHO, shopping with a SA whom you're really comfortable with...someone who knows your likes & preferences, makes the H shopping experience really wonderful & rewarding.
  8. I agree. I really enjoy my little items...:heart:
    1. Purchase live chicken
    2. Purchase Diptyque candles (small ones)
    3. Enter H, dispose candles in pentacle on floor
    4. Light candles, inhale sweet scent of candles, enter pentacle
    5. Sacrifice chicken.
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.:roflmfao:

    Your Birkin should materialise within a few months ;)

    What do you mean, it doesn't work like that?

    PS: HG has some pretty sound advice too. :sweatdrop:

    Disclaimer: No chickens were harmed testing out this theory.
  9. LOL!

    Don't forget the chanting. The louder, the better! Especially effective in getting the attention of all the SAs and the store manager, too! :p
  10. OMG, I just choked! You're hilarious Perja :roflmfao:
  11. I actually think your method may work faster than mine, though. They may sell you a Birkin just to get rid of you.:p
  12. OMG!!! Perja!!! LMAO!!!

    But seriously, I wasn't aware there was a protocol. The first time I ever stepped foot into H store in Toronto, there were Birkins, Kellys, etc. galore in all sizes and colors for anyone to purchase. I just assumed that's how it is there ALL the time only to be reassured by the lovely ladies on here that it was probably Holiday shipment of H bags!!!:nuts:
  13. My heart, it bleeds. Your words, they wound my fragile soul. :crybaby:

  14. ^^^Perja, that blood isn't your heart bleeding, it came from the chicken.