What exactly is "piomba leather"???(on the Prada Antik Metallic Dome)

  1. I tried posting this in the "name this" thread but didn't get an answer. I have the Prada Antik Metallic Dome and I was wondering what leather was used? It said "pigskin" on some website (can't remember which) and somewhere else it says "calfskin". I don't have any bag that feels or looks like this so I'm confused:

    It says "piomba leather" but I don't know what that is!! :confused1:
    before 017.jpg
  2. looks like deerskin to me. i don't speak much italian but in french, "plomb" means lead so "piomba" could just refer to the steely grey color.
  3. It's a description of the color of the bag: Lead! Not very attractive in English, is it. :push:

    If you look on the tri-fold care card that came with the bag, it will tell you what type of leather it is, it maybe in Italian though, so if you aren't sure what it is, post here. It does look like deerskin though.
  4. "Piomba" doesn't mean anything in Italian...maybe is a mistake.."piombo" is Italian for "lead", a shade of grey, as perfectly explained by kicksarefortwids and Prada Psycho:yes:
  5. And the Italian word for deerskin in "cervo."
  6. Hey all, thanks for the info. I had checked all the cards when I got it so I was confused, but I checked the trifold care card again and it says calf skin. Phew! Very interesting effect (well its new to me anyway -never seen calf skin look like that). On bluefly they had/have a similar bag and they described it as pigskin so that added to the confusion. So that is all, just wanted to put the info in here in case anyone else was wondering. And yes, piomba is the color. Have a great day! :flowers: