What exactly is khaki for the baba cabas?

  1. Ladies,

    Like many of you I am wanting the baby cabas. I hear the color khaki talked about a lot. Does any one have a picture (I know not likely), or can anyone at least describe it?

    What about the dark silver? Is there even such a color?
  2. Good question! I would love to see a pic too:smile: Thanx!
  3. I doubt any of us will have pics of the color. but when i saw it i really think it just looks like a brown color but shimmery. darker than the lux line bronze color.
  4. It also has bronze hardware, someone said. I am on the list for it too. I hope I like it.
  5. It's amost like a dark bronze color.
  6. another thread had one in white, that looks really pretty.
  7. im on the list for a black but im really intrigued by the dark silver i loveee silver but i want to see the actual color i didnt like the silver for the lux line so i hope its not like that
  8. xbang, this thread has pictures of the baby cabas in blue/teal and silver:


    I don't know if the silver baby cabas shown there is really the "dark silver", if so, it's too shiny for me.
  9. Yes the baby cabas has a great shape.

    I however already both the regular cabas in white, so am desperate to figure out how khaki looks like. My Saks and NM SAs have no info on the cruise line, and there is no chanel boutique locally. :sad:
  10. It's the same as the luxe ligne. I think someone has a pic of a bag from that line in Khaki....