What exactly is a "highligter"?

  1. Ive been hearing people say they use some eyeshadows as a highlighter...what is that?

  2. In that context, they're probably talking about putting the eyeshadow on the brow bone (right under the eyebrow) which has the effect of making the eyes look bigger, more wide awake, etc. It's just a flattering look.

    But there are also products just called highlighters that you can put anywhere on your face or body. People have different places they like to put them, but most people like to put it on top of the cheek bones. Some other places are in the cupids bow of the upper lip, down the bridge of the nose, in the inner corners of the eyes, etc. People get pretty creative with it! It just adds nice, fresh looking glow to wherever you put it. It helps bring out the features someone would want to accentuate.

    Hope that helped clear thing up! :smile:
  3. ohhh i see! thank you aurelia!!
  4. Oh and one more thing -

    Is concealer the same thing as something like YSL's Touche Eclat? or would you put the YSL on top of the concelear? or could you put on concealer and then laura merciers secret brightner? ahh im sorry im just confused!
  5. It's ok! :smile: The YSL touche eclat is a little different from most products, as it's kind of a concealer and highlighter all in one. It's main use is to be used under the eyes, to help conceal dark circles and highlight the eyes all at the same time. You could also just use it as a plain highlighter though. However, I wouldn't want to use it to conceal blemishs, for example, because it would just make you have a big shimmery spot on your face lol!

    I'm not familiar with the Laura Mercier product but that sounds like an eye concealer/brightner as well. Again, I wouldn't want to use it on blemishs or wrinkles as it would just draw unwanted attention to the area!
  6. OK! I get it now... haha im sorry but thank you aurelia!