What exactly is a HAC

  1. Hi all,

    I was in a Hermes shop a couple days ago to buy a cashmere scarf and noticed a black 28 cm black "Birken" with silver hardware. I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES:wtf:. The sales lady said it was a HAC and not a Birken although the style originated from the Birken, except it is taller in height. I read somewhere, maybe in this forum, that the HAC was the name for a bag by Hermes before the Birken. On trying to do some research on the Internet, I noticed that in some listings, Birken bags are listed as HAC Birkens. Anyway, the one in the shop looked soooooooooo much like a Birken. I bought it :smile:. But can anyone throw some light on my HAC bag please. Thanks.
  2. It stands for Haut a Courroie; as you say, its proportions are that of a "tall Birkin"--and I think it was the prototype for the Birkin. Maybe it was used for carrying riding boots? Don't quote me on that. The hardware and sizes are slightly different. Beautiful bag either way. Some prefer those proportions to the standard Birkin. Congratulations! Please post photos for us to admire.
  3. Thanks Pepper for your help. I will try to take some pictures.
  4. Congrats!! I personally think the HAC is a stunning bag--and I do consider it a Birkin, though I know technically it's not. The HAC actually came before the Birkin--it was the "original" style for the Birkin before the bag was changed a bit and was named after the actress Jane Birkin.
    I think the HAC is a bit easier to open & close than a "regular" Birkin, also, but that's just a matter of personal preference--and I don't even know why it would be the case since the mechanisms are just about exactly the same.

    Pepper, I'm curious what's different about the hardware on a HAC vs. a Birkin? Never noticed any significant difference? Is it something like the feet, which I may not have looked at in all that much detail? Or something bigger?
  5. Cynthia, on the older models the turnkey has a different shape.
  6. Round vs square like the new ones?
  7. What is a HAC? The most perfect bag ever!!! (jmho)
  8. Original were round like my red chevre one and the newer have the edgier square. :heart:both!
  9. OK that's what I thought but I wasn't sure if I was misunderstanding Pepper's post. Thanks!
  10. :tup: :yes:
  11. I third that!
  12. I love my HAC too. Quadruple that.
  13. I wish I had realized that there were so many other HAC lovers here!! I just love love love the silhouette of a HAC and I feel that it's more flattering on me personally. And it seems like you can fit more into a 32cm HAC than a 35cm Birkin, for some reason.

    I'm feelin' the HAC love for sure! :love: