What EXACTLY is a Coach PILOT series Bag??

  1. I have bought a couple of new Coach Bags, and I was told they were "Pilot" Series?? I don't quite understand the "Pilot" name. Does it mean that the Bag wasn't released everywhere and it is the first "run" of the bag before they distribute it to all Coach Stores?? I noticed that on the creed, the style number is followed by the "P" Do you think this should make the bag more RARE and more expensive?? Help!:confused1:
  2. That is exactly what it is. They did that for the 1st scribble edition bag. I bought the bag in december of 04 and was told it was a pilot bag. Well it sold out in days so they re-release more bags in spring of 05. Also the Carly was also a pilot bag and now is one of Coach's best selling bag.
    Can you post pics of bags you got?
  3. I believe a pilot bag is just a test run to see how the bag sells before producing a lot of them. I don't know if it makes them more expensive but it does make them rare, especially if they don't do well and aren't produced for the general public. Pilot bags and limited edition bags give you the feeling of having a more exclusive Coach bag so are fun to own though! Which bags do you have? Can you post pics? It'd be fun to see them!
  4. I would love to post pictures! I am just trying to figure out how...Can anyone tell me how to work this site???
  5. Click on Go Advanced below the Quick Reply box, then click on the paper clip to attach a pic! Just make sure it's not too big!
  6. Yep, my photo is too big, that is why I cant get it up..and it is late..I will post it tomorrow! I promise! I counted, I have 22 Handbags!! A couple didn't make it into the shot because I forgot them...but I will post what I have up tomorrow..THanks and good night everyone!!
  7. HERE we go :smile: Not the greatest picture..but give you an idea of what I like: SIGNATURE SIGNATURE SIGNATURE collection :smile: Gotta love the C's...Oh and BANADA, fell in love with it when it came out!
    coach bag collection1.jpg
  8. Very nice collection. And I love those C's.
    Where are the pilot bags?
  9. Is it the red sig and the khaki/white w/ the belt? I've never seen those before? Either way, they're pretty!

    Great collection, luvfree!
  10. Nice collection!! I like the red and the patchwork! White and khakit are a great combination too!
  11. Those are not red. The color was called melon and it was more of a coral.
  12. My Pilot bags did not make it in the picture, this picture is an older one. One of them is a Pocket Satchel, Khaki & Silver and the other is the Ergo Signature 10765. I bought them both before they actually "came out" with them everywhere else. But I noticed that on the Creeds they were followed by a P after the style number. I will take a picture later today and post it.

    Yes, the Two TOTES I own, are Khaki and the "Melon" color, have a belt with a dog clip on the front. They were called Cinch Tote I believe. I love them!

    Thank you for all your compliments, I look forward to adding to my collection!!
  13. I have a leather Carly pilot bag in black.
  14. I love your Signature collection!! They're really cute:heart:
  15. my black leather Carly is a pilot bag. :tup: