what exactly do I need to cut out of my eating habits?

  1. I do not want to loose weight, but rather I guess loose the flab, and gain more in muscle. I stopped my once active lifestyle when I participated in competitive sports two years ago. After the first month a sudden halt, I had gained 9 pounds. Since then gained 5 I have maintained my weight with my daily life. Now I want to tone and sculpt it. I am a carbaholic, and I am starting to delve into more healthy alternatives. Now the cravings are starting and I was able to quell some, and gave into some. However I'm not sure what exactly is it that I need to cut out to make my poochy belly flat, my thighs slimmer, and to firm up my arms. I know there are differnet types of foods and substances that you need to add or remove from your daily diet to achieve such goals, but what is it exactly? I know how to work my body for it, but you can't do one without the other, and I have no clue in the nutrition department.TIA :heart:
  2. food alone wont do the trick. you need to work out. to tone up your body you will have to do some cardio and weight lifting or pilates. once you start doing that youll need to eat lean protein to help build those muscles (not get super bulky) but build them and define them. protein=meat/supplements/muslce milk (avilable at most gyms so after you work out grab one and at only 330 caloried that is your lunch and you are good to go for the days protein).
  3. Milk is one thing I am really good about, and I now have that organic 1% with omega. Now I'll look into what is it, whey protein?
  4. milk is one thing I am really good about, and now I drink the one that is fortified with omega. as for protein, because of dietary restrictions, I can only eat meat like chicken which I do grilled, and I guess fish, but I'm not a fish fan and have seafood allergies. So I guess I'll have to rely on whey protein?
  5. Be careful with whey protein...it'll make you gain weight if you just take it not work out. My brother used to drink it to gain weight and then work out the fat into muscle so it's iffy if you just drink and don't do weight training.

    But I would say eat more nuts like almonds or something.
  6. Like batgirl said, it's not only your diet that you will need to look at and make changes to, it's developing a solid workout plan that includes both cardio and weight training.

    You mention that your diet is heavy on carbs. What kind of carbs are you eating - pasta, white bread, white sugar, refined carbohydrates? That is something you can change easily. Instead of regular pasta, switch to whole wheat pasta. It's loaded with fiber and is much better for you. Ditch the white bread and switch to one made with whole grains. I buy Ezekiel bread, it has a yummy, nutty flavor and is so good with natural peanut butter. When you buy foods, look at the sugar content and make sure that a "healthy" food is not loaded with sugar. Most yogurts are loaded with sugar, so the alternative is to buy sugar free plain yogurt and sweeten it with Splenda or Stevia. You can add berries and walnuts for a filling snack.

    When you go to the grocery store, try to buy foods that are closest to their "natural" state. Lean protein such as chicken, lean turkey, shrimp, salmon, tilapia. Beans, unsalted nuts (for a snack), fresh or frozen veggies that you can quickly steam and serve as a side with your lean protein. Fresh fruits that you can add to a smoothie made with yogurt and skim milk, or just snack on. Low fat dairy, such as skim milk, low fat cheese, low fat cottage cheese, eggs or egg whites in the carton (great for egg white omelets!), plain unsweetned yogurt.

    Instead of cooking with creamy sauces and dressings, use spices. Instead of cooking with butter or oil in the pan, switch to using Pam Spray. If you must use oil, switch to extra virgin olive oil.

    Of course, ditch the calorie-laden sodas and juices. Stick to water, skim milk, the "light" juices now made with Splenda (Ocean Spray has a lot of good choices), and the occasional diet soda if you must ;) I can't live without my Diet Coke every day at 2 p.m.!

    It's all about making small changes and acheiving a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat, all while eating enough to sustain your workouts and lose fat, etc. When I'm losing body fat, I usually eat around 1700-1800 calories, take in about 150 grams of carbs, 130 grams of protein, and around 60 grams of fat. You don't have to get this technical (I have OCD, I guess :p ), but it does help to write down what you're eating and what's in it, so you get an idea of what your diet looks like on paper.

    Combine the changes you make to your diet with a solid workout plan and you'll see changes in no time :nuts:
  7. Thanks everyone! I didn't say what I meant properly, I already have a work out plan, I'm not skipping out on that, I have turbo jam, I run and walk on the treadmill on high incline, I'm going to get into spinning classes and enrolling in karate this week. I also have the callentics dvd and doing low weight high reps in the gym/home. I have no problem with the working out part, just the eating habits!
  8. Diet alone is going to get you that, you need to work out as well.
    Cut out all fast food, pop, chips that sort of thing and you will notice a big difference right away. Start walking and that will help.
    Cut back on red meat, and have more fish and chicken.
  9. no nutrition expert here but this is what works for me:

    • stay away from fried foods.
      • limit your use of butter.
    • stay away from "white" foods(ie; rice, potatoes, bread) or at least limit them.
    • eat more fruits and veggies
    • cut out refined sugar. use honey whenever possible.
    • try to eat a little fat free yogurt every day.
    • try to completely cut out food with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Good luck cause a great many things contain it- even so called "diet" or "fat free" foods. The problem with it is that it stores in your body as fat and increases your appetite.
    • eat more fish and chicken.
    • cut out all sodas, even the diet ones.
    • drink plenty of water.
    • green tea and peach oolong tea seems to help speed up metabolism.
    • include a healthy oatmeal or cereal in your diet - works great at night when you get the munchies.
  10. Everyone has given fantastic advice and this has been mentioned already but I can't stress it enough, keep a food diary. By keeping a daily record of everything you pop into your mouth, and I mean everything, you'll see where the extra calories are coming from and where you can improve on your food choices.

    Good luck!