What Ever Happened to Bergacci?

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  1. How did that nightmare end.. does anyone know what happened to them..:confused1:
  2. I'm sorry, what is Bergacci?:confused1:
  3. ^ a website that claimed to be selling authentic designer goods, but in reality, there were all fake
  4. all fake salling websites eventually get caught by lv and are later shut down for copyright infrangment...
    they had some fugly fakes:yucky:
  5. I wasn't aware they were gone- then again, I didn't make it a habit of going to their site.
  6. Bergacci.com is gone, but the people who ran it now run Laperle.com, so we haven't quite run them out of business...yet...
  7. However, together we can... :sneaky:
  8. ^ LoL :ninja:
  9. hmmm. im proud to say i dont know about ANY of these sites ;)
  10. :graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.