What ever happened to Benefit's 911? Anything comparable?

  1. Does anyone remember Benefit's 911? It was basically a tube of brown creme makeup that you could use as either lipstick, blush and or eyeshadow. Can anyone think of anything else that could be comparable? I am having a hard time finding a comparable duo that is not pink or coral, rather on the brownish side.
  2. Hi Cricket! Yeah I remember Benefit's 911. I recently bought a NARS Multiple, its all-in-one (cheeks, eyes & lips), multi-purpose & non-greasy. You may want to check it out at Sephora $36.50. Its got a wide array of shades from mauves to bronze...so you'll probably find your preferred shade. Its the only thing I need...its in my bag eversince!

    Or you may also want to check out lip & cheek's Stila Convertible Color & Sue Devitt's Starbrights.