What "equipment" do you have in your kitchen?

  1. I'll start: Global Knife Set All-Clad Stainless Steel KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in Cobalt Blue Cuisanart Food Processor KitchenAid Blender I need to get a toaster and a new blender - any recommendations?
  2. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in pale azure, some japan knives, a lot of cake and pastry tools, electrig griddle, fondue set, micro oven and a lot of Tupperwares!!!
  3. My kitchen's full of junk, but I can't live without my wusthof trident knives, le creuset 26cm cast iron round casserole and griddle plate, my bamix, microplane graters and a cheapie wooden chopping board (it's a huge slab) that my SO got me.

    I wish i had a kitchenAid mixer and a magimix food processor! :drool::drool: oh, and those gorgeous scanpan copper pots!
  4. For now, all I can think of is the Kitchenaid stand mixer, kitchen aid 3 cup mini chopper, Cuisinart 11 cup food processor, electric mincer, griddle, steamer, waffle iron, good knifes, and some pastry tools.

    I also have a cheapie toaster oven, but I want a table top oven -

    People think I'm crazy, but my favorite thing in the kitchen (equipment/appliance), is the GARBAGE DISPOSAL! My absolute must have!!!
  5. I've got a KitchenAid mixer. I bought a Dualit 2-slice toaster a few months ago and I really like it. If you call around to the Williams-Sonoma outlets, you may find they have one and will ship it out to you. That's what I did and it $99 as opposed to maybe $250.
  6. Well, I'm a foodie and married for awhile. Also, as a side business, I make cakes (though I'm just starting out and it's mostly for fun).

    First, I have Analon pans and an All clad one, several pots of ALL sizes, I have a KitchenAid Artisan mixer in Grey, a Electrolux DLX 2000 mixer (a MUST for whole grain baking - ever so much better than the KA for stuff like that), an 11 cup Cuisinart food process, an old crockpot, an old electric griddle, a waffle/pizelle, sandwich maker, a fondue set (meat,chocolate and cheese parts), Global knives (3), TONS of baking dishes - ceramic,glass and tin, a salad spinner, a mezzaluna knife, a blender, an ice cream maker, an ice tea maker, a stick blender, digital food scale, food chopper (manual) and a handheld KA mixer...Other than that a drawer of spoons and spatulas and another full of baking tools... As I said, a foodie. And this is the stuff I USE!!! I do weed through it quite regularly, but when you cook every day and bake and make everything from scratch, having the right tools makes the work SO much easier.

    ETA: of course, I also have a microwave, a Cuisinart Toaster oven, a cuisinart coffee maker and a cuisinart coffee grinder.
  7. Kitchen Aid stand mixer, Kitchen Aid food processor, Kitchen Aid blender, Cuisinart toaster, Wusthof 5 stars, All Clad pans, Le cresset dutch oven.
    I use it all, I am a working Chef who also cooks at home.
  8. My "batterie de cuisine", amassed over 2 decades of cooking. When I started out over 20yrs ago, I didn't even know how to make a tuna fish sandwich. I learned from Joy of Cooking and a variety of French cookbooks.
    • Sabatier Lion knife block set, a few Wusthof chef's knives, chinese cleaver
    • KitchenAid 5-ply SS full cookware set, a chinese wok, clay pot for fish stew
    • KitchenAid food processors (11-cup/5-cup)
    • Mauviel copper stockpot
    • set of 3 Emil Henry burgundian oval bakers :love:
    • SS mixing bowls
    • KitchenAid 5qt Standmixer (yellow) with pasta attachment/discs
    • Cuisinart IceCream maker
    • Solis Coffee Grinder, Krups ProAroma Coffeemaker
    • Zojirushi Hot Pot, Expresso maker
    • set of Wusthof pastry knives, rolling pins, Matfer pastry cutters, cookie cutters
    • loaf pans, quiche pans, brioche tins, tart pans, cake pans of varying sizes
    • roasting pans, roasting trays, cookie sheets, pizza trays, silicon sheets
    • Bread machine, microwave, toaster, crockpot, blender, bar tools, ricer, pepper grinder etc
    The real workhorses are the towels, chopping boards, whisks, wooden spoons, sieves, spatulas, ladles and tongs.

    I enjoy cooking from scratch -- I use everything consistently, except for the bread machine (prefer mixer/hand), KA grilling pan (we use outdoor grill) and the pastry bakeware/tools (holidays)