What EPI speedy colors are there?

  1. What colors does the epi speedy come in? And, do they also all come in the epi speedy 30? I'm new at this:shrugs:
  2. I've seen the Epi speedy 25 produced in these colors:
    red, vanilla, myrtille (blueberry,) mocha, black, mandarin, blue (a brighter blue,) green, lilac, and maybe yellow. I am fairly confident that this list is accurate, but there are probably some other colors that I probably forgot about. Another boardie with more experience with Epi can chime in. ;)

    I've seen the Speedy 30 in red and black only so far, but I also think it comes in the rest of the "newer" colors: mocha, mandarin, and mytrille.

    You can get your choice of gold or palladium (silvert-toned) hardware on both the 25 and 30 now. The newer batches of bags are coming in both. I prefer silver to gold-toned hardware because it goes better with my skintone and coordinates with the jewelry I wear. :yes:
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm already scouting my next bag! My husband is going to hate this forum!!:angel:
  4. Adding to Daniellejp's list: fawn.
  5. yes they did have yellow too with a gorgeous contrasting violet interior. They also had a cipango gold color that is different from the fawn and a color called pepper which was a neutral gray-brown.
  6. Sorry if this pic is a little blurry... it's from the "Le Catalogue" ;)

    Colors are in this order: black [noir], red [rouge], blue [myrtille], orange [mandarine], and mocha [moka].

  7. Oh thank you JM!! How long are they producing these colors? Or just until further notice?
  8. Oooh yes, I almost forgot about the cipango gold, pepper and fawn colors. I've seen those colors done in the Petit Noe, but I've never seen them in the speedy. Those are older colors, right? I'm sure they would look very pretty in the speedy style!
  9. hey danielle, i thought they're fazing out the gold hardware on the Epi. That's what the LV SA in NY told me. I actually bought (but returned ultimately b/c i didn't like the shape) one of the 3 last red Epi Almas in the country with gold hardware (he looked it up in the computer to verify). i'd love if they kept the gold, it just looks so much richer with the Epis.
  10. congratulations on the red alma babyhart! I do love the gold hardware. I have a red epi speedy with the gold hardware and it's beautiful!! I think some colors are good with the silver though like the blue and the lilac.
  11. :confused1: Can anyone tell me all the colors epi speedys have been produced in?

    1. Mandarine
    2. Noir-black
    3. Moka
    4. Rouge- Red
    5. Yellow
    6. Green
    7. Lilac
    8. Blue

    Is this accurate?
  12. Would Fawn be considered the same thing as Moka? Or are they 2 different colors? :shrugs:
  13. there were two types of blue: toledo and the new myrtille/blueberry.

    You also missed Vanilla, Fawn (old camel shade), Cannelle (new camel shade) and there might have been another one called Sand but I'm not sure.

    Not sure if there were any others!
  14. 2 different colors


  15. I believe fawn is different than mocha. In my opinion, the choice of currently available epi colors is very boring. I really like the discontinued colors.