What epi color would you choose?

what's your favorite epi color?

  • black

  • red

  • blue

  • mandarin

  • mocha

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Jan 14, 2006

I'm planning to buy an epi speedy soon, but I don't know which color I should get.
I already have a red epi pont neuf with the red epi compact wallet.
I personally think the mandarin is the prettiest colour; but when I get one it'll be a black one because it would be more practical for me considering what I want to use it for and my wardrobe.
Black or mandarin, I can't decide!

I would go for the black I think if I was buying it, for same reasons as 613 ;) But I do love the mandarin, it's so pretty and makes me all warm inside.
You all think that the black one is the more reasonnable bag.
I've never owned a black bag, I also think it's boring... Black is okay for work during winter time...
I'am planning to live in Tahiti in 2 years and I really think that wearing a black bag there would be kind of weird...

I'm now hesitating between the blue one and the mocha as I think the orange will be too bright for me...
Everyone likes orange! I like every color except orange.
I own a mocha bag. The Mocha and the Blue have titanium hardware instead of brass. I think the white metal looks better if you aways wear white gold/platinum/silver jewelry.