What else should I get?

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    I am going to be placing an order and need some help with what else to get. I have my couture RM in matte Taupe with purple lining, a dark purple Hold Me, and Pewter WTM Midi.

    I don't do well with bags with narrow depth, thus why I am thinking about parting with the WTM Midi. But then I have to have something in pewter.

    I know the IB Midi is on the list. I would love it in pewter or the midnight blue. But I want a second bag...

    What other bag should I get? Would it be silly to get a RM Midi if I have the full size?

    In case my BE history helps :smile:, I had a large Hug Me with the lengthened handles and loved it. Can only do the HM with long handles. Had a TME Midi and loved it as well.

    Any suggestions? Spend my money ladies - money is not an object. :biggrin:
  2. IB Midi in midnight blue! The pics I saw of it are stunning! And that would add a different style and color to your collection. If you do want a RM Midi, I don't find it silly at all even though you have the RM full size. I have a WTM and WTM Midi and use them differently depending on my needs. Is the RM Midi available in pewter? If you are sure that you're going to sell and replace the WTM Midi you could do a RM Midi or an IB Midi in pewter before you get rid of your WTM Midi. :smile:
  3. oooh I love living through others' purchases!!

    My choices/recommendations:

    LM or LM Midi in Pewter with the navy lining ... (I have to confess I own this bag and it is completely TDF)

    IB Midi in Midnight blue with light blue lining

    IB Midi in Pewter with Navy lining

    RM Midi in Pebbled Petrol with light blue lining

    And get a matching AP while you are at it :tup:
  4. Well, that is good to know. I LOVE the RM so maybe a midi would be nice too. I emailed Jackie to see if the IB Midi would be available in midnight blue...love that color!

    Have you tried the MMS Midi? I think that may be too big though...??
  5. I've never tried the MMS Midi myself as I've been concerned that it'd be too big but others say they find it too small! LOL! That one is completely all about personal preference! I have never been brave enough to commit to that style!
  6. Very true. That may be one to try used first to make sure i like it. I look at it but chicken out. :biggrin:
  7. I just recieved a MMS large..and it is not that large IMO..but I'll take some comparison pics for you with the RM large.

    ..and no , I don't think it's silly at all having different sizes in the same model. I'm in fact recieveing a couple of RM midis too.Sometimes I just need a smaller bag, without too much contents, and I like the RM a lot, so..
  8. Amy, You need an IB Midi SOON so you can write a rockin review and convince me I need one!!! Then maybe we can work out a loan so I can test it out!!! :smile:

    If I had the $$ I would go for the Rock Me (and the I'm Beautiful) it looks like a great bag. I think the midi exists for a reason and that's because it's a different bag, so I think it's perfectly fine to have both the full size and the midi size!

  9. Thanks Bonnie! I would love pics, but the more I look at it, I am just not sure on the MMS...sigh...so hard to choose! :smile:

    I am also tempted by the Enchant Me for a change of pace - one strap and a different style. I need to find more pics of those though...

    I emailed Rose to see if there are any bags in Midnight blue that came in b/c I LOVE that color! Gorgeous!:yahoo:
  10. hey Robyn! Good to see you here! :biggrin: You are too funny! Well, I know the IB Midi is on the list so I will try my best to convince you you need one. Have I failed you yet? LOL! :graucho:
  11. Well, now after really looking at pics of the Enchant Me, it looks like a classic hobo and a wonderful BE to add to the collection. If only I could find a money tree for 3 BAGS! :biggrin:

    So the IB Midi for sure and then to choose between the RM Midi or Enchant Me?? I could get the IB Midi in pewter and the EM in Navy...I wonder if the navy is the same as midnight blue.

    Thoughts? :confused1:
  12. I can't answer the blue question, but I would go for the IB Midi and The Rock Me Midi. Those bags are my favorites at the moment.:yes:
  13. How big a bag do you want this time? A LM in pewter crash is a classic. My bags are mostly midis because the regular size bags are too big for me.
  14. Good to know! Thanks Suzi! I need to look for pics of the midi packed so I can see how my full size would be different.
  15. I have a full size RM so would not need many more that are that big if they are tote style. The tapered shaping of the EM leads me to think a full size would be best for that style. Otherwise I think I would do midi.

    I actually had a LM couture order placed but then changed it to the RM when it came out. The LM does seem so classic...