What else does the Givenchy gal/guy love?

  1. No I haven't. Let me go check the website...

    oooh, they have some boots that I just may want to live in!!! Too bad I don't spend loads of money on shoes. I also liked some of the metal rings.

    I saw Givenchy jewelry at gosh Macys and Nordstrom Last Call and it left a lot to be desired. Figured I'd have to buy their good stuff from them directly. Do you own any Givenchy non-bag pieces? I would love a cuff from them.
  2. Hmm, I bought my MBMJ's when I was much younger, like late teens/early twenties. I liked the quality of the leather (on some styles) and at the time the price point made sense to my budget. I justified it as such that I'd rather spend my money on a nice leather piece (for MBMJ) that not a lot of people would have instead of on canvas Gucci or Coach or even Vuitton that EVERYONE has. I find I love the Totally Turnlock collection, I have the Mag Bag, Shifty satchel and the large convertible envelope clutch (a personal favorite). My most recent one is the PS1 looking one with the metal ID frame on the flap, I don't remember the name of that style but I love it. Although I've broadened my taste, I do find that I still go back to my MBMJ's as they've held up well through the years and the styles are rather timeless. Sorry for the LOOONG response!
  3. Celine....
  4. Yeah it reminds me a lot of the luggage Celine bags. Maybe that's why I like it? Haha.

    I don't own one but I've worn one before and I like it because it feels sturdy and it's really big. I don't like that it only has one pocket, so it's hard to find stuff in there. But that's not terrible I guess. Also, I feel as if the bag could be a little bit wider from the side, like I feel it's too thin for the size...

    But the design is beautiful
  5. I don't have any Givenchy bags, but I pretty much only wear their ready-to-wear along with PRADA :smile:
  6. I love how the RTW looks and was looking in July (or was it August's) Vogue and noticed several beautiful pieces.

    Lucky you :smile:
  7. Nope, though I have been eye-ing the Obsedia bracelet for ages now! The shark tooth necklace is a big seller
  8. Interesting how many are mentioning the same brands...Celine, Bal, Proenza, A Wang, MBMJ, Prada. Think these all share a classic yet funky aesthetic we must be attracted to.

    I recently sold everything and got just three bags to use everyday...a Pandora, a Wang Diego, and a Ferragamo Sofia. Delighted with all of them.
  9. Yup, and most of all, no loud and big logos...I do find the LVlites will go for things like Chanel, Gucci etc...the other extreme of the fashion spectrum
  10. To answer your question as to which Celine bag I'm interested in, Triptyque, Trapeze, Luggage and the barrel looking satchel (don't know what it's called). I really like the look of the trapeze although I'm not sure I can pull it off :-/
  11. Alexander wang, chanel, jil sander, balmain, balenciaga, miu miu, and of course celine as well for me:smile:
  12. Lovely thread. Everything as I'm not real picky.

    Anything from Prada,, YSL to J. Crew for non- designer. There are designers in between but these are my current faves.
  13. I have quite a few bags and they are spread out among several designers. My favorites, though, are Hermes, LV, gucci, and Chanel.
  14. Have a medium pandora that I adore, and the rest are mostly YSL, Chloe and Balenciaga with a few one offs from other designers. Love Celine but way too expensive for me (I only buy that price point on sale).
  15. Hmm, that makes a lot of sense. Solid bags that stand on their own without announcing to the world what they are. Hmm...

    I do have a monogram LV that I wore years ago and it just sits in my closet. I have to force myself to use it. I traded a Chanel in and got a Celine - just so much more understated. May get a Chanel someday though but for now, I'm 'bag-satisfied' without it.

    I'm impressed that you were able to narrow your collection down to 3. Wow! How did you do that? I have 3 bags I want to get rid of but I'm holding on to them and I don't know why...