What else do you spend a lot of money on?

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  1. So it's CLEAR that we spend a lot of money on purses here!

    What else do you splurge on?

    For me, it's dresses. I'm a sucker for a beautiful evening gown, cocktail dress, sundress. I'll buy them even though I don't have enough occasions to wear them! I just ordered two Rachel Pally dresses and it's not even spring yet. :Push:
  2. Hair care - Kerastase and jewelry from my DH!
    Oooooh, and clothes for my kiddos!
  3. I buy expensive bras (they're worth it) and I love expensive sheets, too.
  4. clothing..i shop everyday! lol..its bad actually. =(
  5. food, CDs and travelling
  6. Shoes and Dvd's.
  7. Shoes! Expensive shoes! Very Expensive shoes! I love shoes, dare I say it, more than bags!!! I have a shoe overload. Especially evening shoes and sandals! I love Rene Caovilla, Guiseppe Zanotti, Dior( but not lately), Prada, Louboutin, Dolce & Gabana ( my favorite is the glitter cage sandal in gold from last year) as well as Jimmy Choo.

    My boyfriend and I also spend a lot of money on eating out. We live in NYC and we go out a couple of times during the week! But we love it, especially because there are sooo many delicious places to eat.
  8. Food.
  9. food and travel. I spend way too much money on food.
  10. Eating out and shoes. *Way* too many pairs of shoes.
  11. [​IMG]My bratty 3 year old....and shoes.
  12. In the last six months or so, I've developed an interest in shoes, namely flats....I purchased some Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Sigerson Morrison, Gucci, and Pucci flats. I think I've spent more on shoes in the last six months than I have on bags. Prior to that, the only real splurge were bags.
  13. My 3 kiddos. Man are they expensive!
  14. Food (groceries and going out) and way too expensive alcoholic beverages when I go out for drinks with friends. Does a margarita really have to cost $8? :suspiciou
  15. I feel like I've answered this question a million times :amuse:

    1. jeans - paige, 7fam, ag, frankie b's
    2. Coach shoe - heels, flip flops, boots, everything
    3. drinks - jamba juice, strawberry smoothies
    4. food - especially french fries!
    5. Rufus - see cute dog in avatar, haha.