What else do you guys love other than handbags?

Sunshine mama

Jun 1, 2014
I love cutting and shaping topiaries and trees.
I love yard work, and in general, just cutting things.:shocked: It makes me feel like I'm getting rid of junk in my life.

I love to repurpose things around the house.

I love rearranging furniture. It gives me such joy when I see the results!

I love to repurpose clothes, shoes, bags, to make new and different things. So sometimes I buy these items solely for parts.

I love a good philosophical conversation about the universe and our existence, and I love to research about why we exist. I love it even more when these things are explained by physicists and chemists.

I love to play the piano, draw, read, and paint.

I love trail walking/ running, especially in hot weather.

That's all I could think of right now. :biggrin::lol:


LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
Midwest (formerly Honolulu)
I've enjoyed hiking (on easy/moderate trails), taking long walks and bicycling on trails with my hubby. Love our doggies and taking them out too. I think 2020 has made me appreciate nature more in general. I now prefer quiet outdoorsy areas over cities and big tourist destinations.
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