What else do you guys do on the Thanksgiving Holiday?

  1. So after the cooking, eating, visiting with family/friends and TV - what else do you do on Thanksgiving?

    After I've recovered from my "TURKEY COMA":lol::lol:.
    I'm going bike riding.
  2. Lol, turkey coma.
    I might be shopping and setting up my Christmas decorations when I fly back to LA.

    Can't wait for tonight!
  3. I can't believe the holidays are already here.
    2006 totally flew for me ...drats! hope that doesn't mean I'm old :O
  4. 2007, dear. :yes:

    I know what you mean though, this year flew by really quick. I am excited for a new year. New year=new opportunities! :okay:
  5. I actually use the rest of the day top relax. I also bake something just for me. Tonight it's going to be "Gooey Butter Cake" ......pass the milk!

  6. Aah! guess my Turkey Coma is more serious than I thought.:borg1:
  7. meeting friends for drinks! :tup:
  8. We usually watch movies and just hang out maybe start putting up some decorations too :nuts:
  9. My brothers and dad play football in the back yard while me, my mom, and sister went in the pool (and Vlad!). Vlad and I also went on a bike ride, and we are all going to the beach in a bit to walk around!

    Love Thanksgiving, it is a great time to be with loved ones!
  10. :nuts::nuts:
    The beach in November - How awesome!
    I wanna go!

    Sounds like a great way to spend the holiday with your loved ones.:yes:

  11. aww that sounds fun, but isnt't it cold in Ohio?
  12. I ate like 4 different pies and am just watch tv, gearing up for tomorrows shopping trip:lol:
  13. ..good call!
    I better eat more pie ...
    Only to carb up for my shopping extravaganza tomorrow:p
  14. :lol:
  15. We usually help my mother decorate her Christmas tree...and now that I live with my SO we have carried the tradition and decorated our own tree.