What ELSE do you collect???

  1. ...other than purses, of course! I'd love to see...and why do we silly humans collect all this stuff anyway? I collect owls and *gasp* Vera Bradley travel bags and accessories in addition to handbags (I know I'll take some heat on that one!). I don't know why I do it, but it makes me happy. So come on, show me your non-purse collections! :p


  2. Wow, what a great owl collection that you have!

    I collect Yoda. HAHA... Not a big collection, but I bring yoda with me when I see yoda that I like and have him whereever I stay - my office, house, my parents' house, my car and etc. LOL. He is my master of spirit.
  3. OMO! Is that a refrigerator your owls are in!?
  4. I collect Hello kitty!
  5. GUNG! Good eye! *lol*

    Yup, it's a beer cooler...My house was once a bar, and that thing is a b*tch to move, so I decided to put it to good use. I've had to get pretty creative with my living space since I moved in! I love it, though.

  6. ^WOW! Thats cool! A little creepy, but cool! :yes:
  7. Cats! Just kidding, I only have two. :yes: But I think I have at least 400 books lying around.
  8. Wow! I love the owls in the beer cooler! That is incredible.

    I collect really goofy-looking rubber-faced dolls.
  9. Electric guitars and, with the amount of video games and consoles I own, you'd think I collect those too.
  10. Don't give me any ideas. I have a couple collections already. I started with all the aquarium books I could find and soon started specializing in planted aquariums. Not too many books on the subject worth having fortunately.

    Then I found tins. Decided that was far too broad a category and now have about 70 adorable house shaped tins. I prefer the ones with gardens planted around. These are very difficult to find now so I moved on. Here is one of my favorite tins. Didn't buy it as I already have it. Isn't it the most precious little thing? I built a very narrow wall hung shelving unit from rough fence boards and put coat hooks at the bottom so technically they aren't a waste of space. Dust collectors, oh yeah. I put stuff in them and can never find the right one again.

    Now I collect Couroc trays. They are made of heavy black bakelite stuff with wonderful patterns and materials embedded. The tile in my kitchen was installed so there is a perfect plate notch [grout line!] along the back of the counter. They make great giant coasters on tables as well. Hard to lose and easy to clean. This one is a favorite.

    They make owl ones, don't lookanneonimiss! Great repurposing of the fridge.

    Wow, love the Sid Dickens.

    I am a librarian's daughter, books are not a collection. They are part of my life. I have three 30" book shelves with six shelves packed tight in each one. NOT going to count them but that comes to 45' of books I think.

    I love looking at yarn displays. Do you have them on view?
  11. Watches, shoes, scarves,
    Blenko blown glass
    Anything Villeroy & Boch Alt Amsterdam

    Used to collect Steif and Boyds, but they are put away and probably should sell.
  12. I don't have pictures handy, but I have been a serial collector my entire adult life. My most significant collections are:

    (1) Handmade mohair teddy bears (traded from around the world)
    (2) Depression glass (US 1920s to 1930s era)
    (3) Russian nesting dolls
    (4) Russian lacquer boxes (for both of these last two, this is a serious collection of original art -- even involved a trip to Russia)
  13. Premium Denim and RL Polo's
  14. Kathyy...I actually have a Couroc owl tray. *lol* It's against the back wall of the cooler on the left side. I got it at a flea market for $8 and had no idea what it was at the time. Couroc trays are gorgeous.