What else do you carry?

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  1. I stole this from the LV Forum..... hope that's okay! (I did a search and couldn't find a similar thread already posted)

    I love Coach, and it has a very special place in my heart, and surprisingly I only own 2 non-Coach Bags!!!! (as of tomorrow I should have my first LV!!)

    So Show some pics!!!

    Here are mine.....
    My only Dooney and Bourke

    And a BCBG-Max Azria bag..... (I'll have to take a photo when I get home, but this is the style.... but in dark brown)
  2. My only non-Coach is my Diaper Bag, LOL! Here she is, [​IMG]
  3. Candace--

    What LV are you getting??
  4. damier azur speedy 30
  5. Okay I love MJ and I buy Coach but I also buy MbMJ, Kate Spade, and LV. I have a picture of my LV in my avatar and here is my last big purchase before my med Lily
  6. I don't carry anything but Coach. A couple years ago I bought this Soprano bag, which is a Canadian designer and though I love the colour and hardware, I quickly discovered that I do not like Hobo bags so it just sits in the closet.
    Red Hobo.jpg
  7. Well, I recently cheated on Coach with this Cole Haan.....

  8. duplicate post...
  9. I had one LP bag, but ending up selling it on ebay... other than that, my obsession is COACH!! :love:
  10. LV mono speedy 25
  11. I have pretty much have all other designers...I have 2 burberry bags, A LV montorgueil PM, Gucci Abbey Tote and Joy Boston Bag, a small Fendi, 2 diors, a few D&B...but the majority of my collection is Coach
    Designer.jpg Designer006.jpg Designer005-1.jpg
  12. Way too many to name :shame:, but over the last year, I have mostly stuck to Coach. It's the best value for my money. Most of mine are in the the Coach price range or slightly cheaper, cheapest being Dooney probably, and I only own 5 of those. I'm currently crossing over into Chanel but don't intend to go crazy there since most bags I don't like. LV hasn't done it for me as of yet, but I'm still looking!

  13. Yeah, I also love MJ leather bags!! Love the bag in your pic!!
  14. I have 2 Kipling bags that I use for my bad weather/gonna go someplace I don't want to take my nice bags too bag:

    Kipling Fergie Control bag:

    Kipling City Lilli bag:

    Gucci Pelham bag:

    Louis Vuitton bags (Batignolles Vertical, Coussin Gm and LE Sophie:

    Tokidoki Spiaggia Mamma Mia:

    I have a couple others too but no pics:

    Tokidoki Adios Star Canguro and a cheapie Rip Curl canvas bag.