What else can work just like Oatmeal?

  1. Hello ladies!

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on foods that work like oatmeal. I love oatmeal because it's high in fiber and fills me and keeps me feeling full.

    I can't think of any other food that does that. So I'd love hear your thoughts and suggestions!

    :heart: TIA!
  2. Fiber-one cereal with a handful of raisins (this keeps me full like no other) - or you can use any type of fiber or Kashi cereal - (soy or fat free milk)

    also a handful of almonds keeps me full as well
  3. Have you tried Fiber One bars? Oh my gosh, they taste awesome!!! They come in Oats & Peanut Butter or Oats & Chocolate. They have 150 calories, 4.5g fat, 9g fiber and 4g protein. They are really filling and easy to grab and head out the door!
  4. ITA! I love Kashi cereals. The Go Lean Crunch in the honey almond flax flavor is great. Packed with fiber and protein :nuts:
  5. I am definitely a huge fan of Kashi Cereal. They make so many varieties now that you're bound to like one of them. I usually add some Splenda to mine.
  6. I LOVE Oatmeal. I get everyone I can hooked on it because it does a whole laundry list of wonderful stuff for you!

    I also (please don't tease!) like GRANOLA. Another great alternative to Oatmeal. Be very careful to get a no-sugar added variety, and watch your portions. Then add one low sugar, lowfat yogurt to it and mix. YUM YUM! And sooooo good for you. Got fruit? Add a small portion. Yum yuuuuuum.

    Plus, and this one always surprises my die-hard dieters - Cheerios. Fulla fiber, fills you up, low in calories, lowers cholesterol... sound familiar?

    And MILK, ladies, DRINK MILK. It's so good for you, and your hair, bones, skin, you name it. It's not just for kids! And soymilk is ok, I certainly don't know as much about it as milk, but some of my dieters swear by it. One concern - if you have a thyroid problem, soy in any form inhibits your synthetic hormone absorbtion.

    Eat up, fill up, have fun! :supacool:
  7. There are quite a few other hot breakfast cereals like Oatmeal- 7 grain cereal, rice cereal, corn grits, etc. They are all in the same section and I try a variety of those so I don't get sick of oatmeal :yes:
  8. Im an oatmeal addict. have it EVERY morning! :yes:
  9. Try luna bars.
  10. are we talking about just breakfast foods because the first thing that comes to mind is beans. I love them and they fill you up and are good for you.
  11. If you don't like plain oatmeal, I learned a trick from The Zone Diet book. Prepare plain oatmeal and add some protein powder, unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, and Splenda. It is so yummy!
  12. i agree! the oats and chocolate ones are DELICIOUS! plus they have 9 g of fiber apiece, which makes them REALLY stay with you.
  13. I have oatmeal every morning at work. I get the quaker fruit and creme variety box...blueberry and creme is yummy!
  14. I have discovered something else super filling! I went grocery shopping yesterday and was perusing the organic section when I came across Nature's Path Organic Optimum Slim cereal - Optimum™ Slim

    I think that link works. If not, visit Nature’s Path - Nurturing People, Nature & Spirit and scroll down to Optimum Cereals. It's organic, super yummy, has 180 calories per one cup serving, 11g of dietary fiber and 9g of protein, which rocks :nuts: It tastes awesome with skim milk and raspberries, or as a topping for sugar free, fat free yogurt mixed with protein powder and blueberries.

    Just another suggestion! ;)
  15. I LOVE yogurt and granola. So yummy!! Also, I got this new planters nuts energy mix ... has nuts, soynuts, and sesame sticks, sweet and salty, and I was not hungry again until lunch!