What *else* are you doing online?

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  1. I bet some of you think I have no life! I am always on the computer. But I swear, one day not so long ago I was a party-hardy sorority girl. I don't really remember those days. But now I have a huge courseload (like, twice the normal students') so I'm always writing a paper. This forum is my favorite way to waste time!

    What are you ladies up to online, besides PurseBlog?
  2. I am an Admin and Moderator of a twins website, so I go back and forth when I'm on.
    I also have some auctions on eBay right now and I get a little OCD watching them! LOL!
  3. lol I am totally OCD about watching my auctions... WHY is nobody bidding on a gorgeous pair of Choos?! Beats me!
  4. I mod another forum, post on other forums...basically forums lol. I also do research for school :biggrin: Not much!
  5. i'm always online... shopping, researching for school or colleges, planning trips i do everything online its soo much easier
  6. ROFL! I KNOW! I have 10 watchers on one of mine! ARGH!
  7. Surfing eBay, watching my auctions, finding people on MySpace :lol: I don't have an account, but I like to look for people I went to high school with. They seem to love MySpace :P I also look for jobs for the bf, he's on the hunt for something new. Oooh, and right now I'm eating frozen Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties and drinking a cold glass of milk :love:
  8. ^^^ooo forgot about myspace:lol:
  9. OMG! Those are the 2 kinds we bought the PB patties are TDF!!!
  10. Im a stylist I never stop shopping ! (yeah )
  11. Try them frozen. Best. Thing. Ever.
  12. I'm a computer programmer/analyst, so I'm constantly online for work (I telecommute, and frequently work at night when everyone's off of the databases). I also shop online, peruse ebay, and contribute heavily on tfs.
  13. right now I'm surfing eBay (just won something!!) and printing the walkthrough for GTA San Andreas.
  14. Talking on msn to my friends back in Canada that I miss dearly, and watching whose line is it anyways, I can't legally work here in the states for another three months, so i have alot of time to kill...so if anyone knows any entertaining websites, let me know! lol
  15. i usually have my laptop on my lap while i watch tv, so usually i'm just relaxing. my courseload is light this semester and hours are short at work, but it seems like all my friends have a huge courseload and a ton of hours at work :sad: lol no one wants/can goof off with me anymore *cries*