What ebay catagory to list LV bracelet in ?

  1. What eBay catagory should I list a LV bracelet under ? Jewelry & Watches or Purses etc. I've seen them listed in both and don't know if it makes a difference- I'm confused:confused1: and would like to know if you were looking for a LV bracelet which catagory would you search under or does it not matter since you do a general search. Once again I appreciate your help:yes:
  2. I would look under Louis Vuitton bracelet..
  3. Hi NYHockeyMom - you just bought my marshmallow cles! :smile: I recently sold my multicolore pastilles and since I believe it's "officially" a key chain, I cross-listed it both the handbag and jewelry categories. I've seen other bracelets listed as both as well. Lana10
  4. Hi Lana-Love:heart: the cles-marshmellow is such a pretty color. - I'll have to check on the price to list in 2 catagories- I didn't know if most people looked for LV items in the bag catagory or did a general search in all catagories.
    I found the azur 30 on eluxury :yahoo: so off to do some listings.