What earrings do you wear with pearls?

  1. I have a traditional 7-7.5mm 18" strand of pearls and I feel for some reason like I have to wear matching studs with it. But, I would like to try something else, I just don't know what. As a general rule, I don't like to mix pearls and diamonds. So I was just wondering: What do you ladies wear with your pearl necklaces? Any suggestions? TIA :heart:
  2. Since you dont like to mix diamonds and pearls, you won't like my answer ;)

    I usually wear diamond studs with my pearls, bc I hate being what I call "matchy matchy", lol. I don't own pearl studs, but if I did, personally, I Wouldnt wear them with the pearls. I like to mix it up. Plus I'm sure I'd have issues with the pearls not matching perfectly enough. I'm anal about weird things, I know!

    Are your pearls creamy white? Pinkish? Beige tones or silver? Because I think all that matters when you think about what you want to mix with them also!

    I love pearls also, and might have to pull mine out of hibernation!
  3. ^They're creamy ivory colored with a yellow gold clasp...

    But almost all my other jewlery is silver toned. I do have yellow gold diamond studs but they're TINY (maybe 1/4 cttw) so that's part of why I think they look bad together. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to jewelry... I'm always worried that if I'm not matchy, I'll end up with some crazy mismatched combo :shrugs:
  4. My first choice would be matching studs or pearl earring with diamonds in the setting. I also like the look of pearls with diamond studs.

    If the color of the clasp is holding you back from some earring choices, a jeweler can easily replace it with a white gold one.
  5. I wear my diamond studs, my diamond hoops, or my ruby or sapphine studs.

    I've tried matching pearl studs, but honestly I feel like I look like Barbara Bush.
  6. I wear my small pearl stud earings with me pearl necklace.
  7. What about huggies in yellow gold?
  8. I think it depends on how casual/dressy you are going. If you had some pretty sapphire/ruby or some other gemstone in stud earrings that matched something in your outfit, I think it would be nice. I usually wear pearls w/ diamonds though. I also mix white and yellow gold too.
  9. if not the matching pearl studs i wear:
    diamond studs
    pearl studs with diamond drops or diamond halos
    mabe pearls encircled with a double diamond halo
    depends on the occasion/outfit
  10. ^ LOL. I know exactly what you mean. I wore my matching studs with the necklace today and I felt very... Republican. I got lots of approving smiles from the old ladies at church :lol:

    ^ Good idea :yes: This thought cross my mind, but I wasn't sure if it would go. Plus I really like huggies!

    ^ That's a great idea. I like yellow gold a lot, but white is more practical for me. I'm definitely going to look into having it switched!

    Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, ladies :flowers: