What drink keeps you cool in the summer heat??

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  1. I can't stand the heat. Anything over 70 is too hot for me!! I really need help finding out which drinks keep you cool. Any ideas?? Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. Ice water & lots of it.
    Anything sweet just seems to make me thirstier.
  3. ice water with fruit in it is the best...my fav is cantaloupe/honeydew.

    my fav alcoholic summer bev is a mojito. theyre super refreshing from the mint and lime
  4. Ice water
  5. Iced tea w/ fresh mint!
  6. Ice cold water, lemonade and iced tea for me.
  7. Lots of ice water. I drink at least three liters a day.
  8. Water, and a mix of lemonade and iced tea - an Arnold Palmer.

  9. My son is drinking an Arnold Palmer right now.

    I agree with everyone...ice water!
  10. I tend to stick with chilled water or soda water.
  11. I love ice cold lemonade
  12. Ice cold water, iced tea and Gatorade for me or a smoothie when I get the chance to get one.
  13. diet peach iced tea :smile: love that stuff!
  14. I cannot drink alcohol in the sun, I would sleep, otherwise a gin & tonic with ice & lemon would do the trick lol! Definitely iced water for me!
  15. If not water, I LOVE a good iced tea or Arnold Palmer.