What dress is Paris wearing?

  1. Hi everyone- I :love: :heart: this dress that Paris was wearing and was wondering if anyone knew the designer or brand that made it- all ideas are wonderful! I've been wanting a dress like this for awhile, and I'd really appreciate it if anyone knew who made it! :yes:

    P.S- sorry if the pictures don't show up- this is my first time posting pics...if they don't show up, could someone plz help me with them?

    Thanks in advance,



  2. Not sure, it's pretty dress..
  3. looks like something from bcbg!
  4. Nice hair!
  5. I was thinking it looks like a BCBG dress too! I really like it!
  6. i saw someone interview her about it. she said its vintage and doesnt know the brand.
  7. Yes, it's a vintage Pierre d'Albert dress from Resurrection Vintage Clothing in L.A.!

    I just brought it since Sept 2005, I think...
  8. Did you buy the actual dress she wore? Because isn't that the store that recycles vintage that celebrities wear?
  9. Thank you missD,ChanelOChanel, and killerlife for your responses!

    ChanelOChanel-that's really cool that you have it

    killerlife-I'm not sure if you're going to get a response from her...its says sofa king banned so I guess she can't post anymore

    Thank you everyone else who made posts! Too bad I can't get it
  10. I remember this talk about the dress in an old thread...
  11. Its a very cute dress! =)
  12. Yes, it was in an old thread that was talking about how she was standing/posing in this dress.. I asked in that thread but no one responded, so I thought it would be better to start a new one on it..:smile:
  13. Nice dress, nice hair