What dreams/goals do you have for life?

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  1. Hehee, after starting to collect people's dreams throughout the world - www.postourdreams.blogspot.com - I can not be speaking about them everywhere I go.

    So what do you guys dream of? About happiness, a decent job, helping people or maybe just about getting a purse :3 ?

    I have many dreams. One of would be to become a public speaker and speak about dreams and life. Another would be to inspire people with my music, I play piano and compose. And maybe I'm writing a book someday.
  2. I dream of seeing the world, all of it.

    I dream of leaving this place better than I found it.

    I'm currently dreaming of volunteering in India for three weeks in January.

    I dream of dancing in a field of fireflies under the stars.

    And right at this very moment, I'm dreaming of a chocolate milkshake. A really thick one!
  3. i want to own a restaurant of some type.

    pub/lounge/cafe/hookah bar.

    something along those lines.
  4. Settling down and living happily ever after

    Having my dream wardrobe of clothes

    Better health
  5. Being healthy, employed in my current job, married to my husband so we can raise our children. I just want to give my kids a good life and have them be well adjusted, smart adults, with common sense, a good education, and able to take care of themselves.
    I just wants my babies to be okay.
  6. I dream of my babies being happy - and for me to have the wisdom to encourage them to grow and be their best even if it means them not being my babies anymore.

    I also dream of hubby and I together in a house on the beach - maybe Newport or Malibu - drinking wine and still in love.

    My life has already exceeded my wildest expectations so its hard to dream bigger - and it's not because I'm the richest, or skinniest or whatever. I am covered in love each and everyday, I love where I live and the people I have on my life :smile:
  7. For myself, finish my studies.

    For my children, for them to be well cultured and level headed and healthy.

    I'm at a really good place in my life, somewhere I only dreamed of 5 years ago. In a sense I am living my dream and all I can hope for is maintenance.
  8. This.

    And on a shallower level, a kickass shoe & bag collection :graucho:
  9. Get my degree.
    Finished my 5 years contract. (3 more years to go!)
    Get my house ready.
    Get married.
  10. I dream of being a UK size 10 again & being able to fit into lovely clothes again.

    I dream of training to be an interior designer & having my own shop selling mid century classics & wallpaper from smaller manufacturers.

    I dream of owning an old record player & playing my old records.

    I dream of going back in time to my twenties & seeing all the bands I loved in concert.

    I dream of going to Iceland & seeing the Northern Lights.
  11. You are very fortunate to have love & good people around you. It's lovely that you appreciate these wonderful things. And your right being the skinniest or richest means little in comparason.

  12. :ty:
  13. I have a lot of your very typical mainstream goals/dreams for example I really want to:

    -Have a fulfilling career
    -Find a partner and have children one day

    But my biggest dream/goal in life is to one day, when I'm older and my (possible?) children have grown up I would like to buy a really old house in the country and have adopted dogs and cats a few farm animals and just live a simple and peaceful life until I eventually kick the bucket and die.
  14. You know what? I really don't know.

    I have hopes, goals and dreams for my kids and family but I have a hard time thinking of any that are only for ME
  15. My goal is to raise my children with the most love, attention and caring that I can possibly give them. That they come to me for everything in life as they are growing up, for them to know I am also a FRIEND. That we are here to help them go “down the road” Sounds silly but if I succeed at that, my goal has been met. :smile: After this Im in trouble because I have no clue!