What doyou think about Blue Jean color in the fall/winter?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I have a Blue Jean ClemenceTrim with PH that I got a few years ago. I tend to keep it in the closet during the cooler months. Do you think it's a spring/summer color or would you carry it year around?

  2. I carry it year round. :yes:
  3. I am the person does not believe seasonal specific colors. I believe any color can be carried all year around as long as it fits the outfits.
  4. The BJ can be carried year 'round. It is not a seasonal color, matter of fact there are really no seasonal colors now.
  5. For those who do change colors with the seasons: Blue Jean would be great for the winter. Esp. if you live in cold climate. But, I agree that BJ is pretty much a year-round color. :smile:
  6. Year round gets my vote:yes:
  7. lucky, l received a BJ Bolide for the holidays one year and even tho we live on the beach, did not use it until spring.

    Should have been a bit more daring tho.....if I had BJ again, I would wear it all year depending on the other colors I'm wearing.
  8. Year 'round IMO.
  9. Wear it with grey, etoupe, or winter white during the winter instead of black, which may be too harsh for BJ and you could pull it off.
  10. I like to have a couple of colors for spring/summer but do feel BJ is year round -- in fact -- have been lusting after something BJ lately myself! Wear it and enjoy!
  11. i'd carry it year round, a bag like that shouldn't be kept in the closet!
  12. i think bj is year round. adds brightness to a dreary all black winter outfit. of course in the spring/summer it looks the best with white!
  13. It's great all year round!
    I use it! And I havent gotten any bad stares!
  14. BJ would provide a great pop of color with a black outfit in the winter, i say go for it, the same goes for fuschia IMO :flowers:
  15. i think this is an all year round color. all that matters is that you're happy wearing it.