What don't you wear?


Jan 29, 2006
My List:
- Anything red. I come off WAY too Concubine/Geisha/Hooker from Shanghai in red.... although I know a lot of very beautiful Asian girls that can pull it off.

- Black near my face. I'll do a low-cut black dress, but too much black all around my face seems really harsh and washes me out.
- Jewel tones... just don't look good on me.

- Knee-length hems. Either way above the knee (mini mini) or below the knee, but I can't handle skirts or dresses that end right at the knee. I think my knees are unattractive!:worried:

- Foundation or powder, just bare skin and freckles for me! :amuse:
- Jeans that don't have back pockets
- Classic Ugg boots, but I'll wear the Uptown.
- Booty shorts,daisy dukes
- A backless dress
- I also don't wear foundation
- Acrylic nails
I don't wear platform flip flops- ugh.

I also don't wear certain shades of green and yellow, thanks to my olive skintone, they make me look sallow.

and, I never have or will wear real fur. :smile:

hmmm, I'm sure that there are lots of other things I stay away from, but none are coming to mind right now, I'll add more laterr.
-fake nails
-use to not really wear sneakers til now (to walk to work in)
-capri style denim
-fur..whether its real or faux
Nails (I am very rough all the time)
Gaucho (I know I can't pull it off so I never even tried)
Ripped shirts and jeans
Make up (except for lip balm)
Sneakers (I only have one pair cause sometimes sneakers are the only way to go)
Yellow. (I'm too pale and it makes me look sickly)
Ripped style jeans/clothes. I think they're ugly and it's stupid they cost more than regular jeans.
(Polka?) Dots! I love the way they look on other people, but not on me.
Those pants that like lace up the side. IMO, trashy.
animal prints
brightly colored anything
loud metallic anything (I DO love bronze)
turquoise jewelry
dresses (I'm more the jeans, pants type)
extremely pointy toed shoes
  • Velour track suits, anything with words across the butt
  • Bikinis
  • Low-rise pants
  • Heels over 3"
  • Pink
  • flip flops or mules (they aggravate muscle spasms in my hip/back)
Jeans that don't have back pockets
Animal Print
Heels (I would love to be able to wear them but I can't walk in them)
Anything beige colors (It makes me look really washed out)

I forgot metallics and sweatpants (will never ever wear them anywhere)