What don't you like..........

  1. What don't you like about Chanel bags?

    Personally I am not taking to the perforated look at the moment, Biarritz or Caviar leather.

    The recent price hikes are not helpful either!:crybaby:
  2. the price increase
  3. the price, that's all.
    as for style, not into teh cambon, biarritz except the croc one LOL
  4. I am also gonna say the price lol!
  5. The price and (though it has not happened to me yet), issues w/poor workmanship.
  6. I dont like how I have to be on a waiting list for a popular bag. I need instant gratification!
  7. In general, the price and workmanship issues...as well as how a lot of classic items are just unavailable. I've been looking for a quilted caviar wallet, which should be readily available since it is a classic style but I can't find it anywhere!

    As for styles, not a fan of the perforated and cambon.
  8. Hate price hike and poor craftmanship (most Chanel is well made, but mine are not!)
  9. absolutely the price!!!!
  10. Nixing of the gold hardware; repetitive price hikes, very short chains; PB and cambon lignes (but that's personal preference); inability to get color and styles. For some time I have felt there has been a cheapening of the product. Some may chalk it up to appealing to the younger buyers.

    The soft handle which I returned btw, had a very short handle, the CCs and the links were not all silver but had a painted lines along the CC as well as on the chains. If I wanted them painted, I could have used nail polish -- hello. The 3 chain links that came off the bag that joined the handle repeatedly got caught in the flap when closing. Design flaw. Apparently, no one tried using the bag or they would have discovered it and fixed it (by using a smaller linked chain like the classic chains).

    Chanel could benefit from adopting the adage: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That said I applaud their effort to update but in so doing they are missing in the finer details. Some of the new totes are no more than boxes with chains. If the bags weren't so wide, they would be less boxy, just as utilitarian and in time would be granted the status of "a classic Chanel bag."

    After all that criticism, compared to other bags I see, I come back to the classic Chanel pieces. When they get a piece right, it's phenomenal -- the new clutch, which I don't own, is simple, elegant, and simply stunning!
  11. The price! lol

    I also don't like the Biarritz or Perforated bags at all.
  12. the price!!!!
  13. One more for the PRICE!
  14. Since I had issues w/links on the baby cabas, I have to also add that I obviously do not like the craftmanship/quality control issues that some of us have experienced.
  15. No-brainer..the price hikes are ridiculous.

    Not a fan of cambon although I apprciate their clean lines. I saw 2 fakes in one day and I about wanted to yack. :sick: