What dominates your CL collection?

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What dominates your CL collection?

  1. Color

  2. Black

  3. Nude

  4. Black and nude

  5. Black and color

  6. Color and nude

  7. About even

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. :smile:
  2. My only black pair is my Anemone, and my only nude pair is the nude VPs I just purchased.
  3. I think my collection is pretty well rounded. 2 pairs of blacks, 1 heel 1 flat. and the rest I don't have duplicate colors.
  4. Black and color for me, only 1 nude.
  5. #5 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Oddly enough, magenta - I have four pairs and two magenta: one is my magenta suede declics and the other is magenta patent pigalles. But the colors of magenta suede and magenta patent are *totally* different! :P
  6. hum,3 black, 3 nude,fushia, leopard,burgandy.
  7. i've got three black.... ginerva, very prive (with red tip), and decollete
    i've got orange passmules, magenta declics, blue python fontanettes
    1 nude pair of yoyo 100
    brown yoyo zeppa raffia
    what about animal print? that should be part of the question tooo!!! i've got leopard rolandes and tiger NPs!
  8. ^^I would count animal print as color.
  9. then can i revoke my vote???? :roflmfao:
  10. Oh gosh...a lot of black but a lot of color too. One pair of nudes. :smile:
  11. By this weekend I will have 4 black: alta ariella, mads, scissorgirls, and one sandal I still don't know the style name
    2 brown (but "nude" to me): african queen, mini bout
    1 color: leopard pigalles
  12. Me too!
  13. b00m~I think you need something bright next!
  14. I'm sort of guessing since I can't see all my boxes in front of me, but I would say slightly more than half of my stuff is black. I have a lot of color, too, and 2 nudes (true nudes that is, 4 if you could nude paillete VPs and nude with black lack VPs).
  15. My tiny "collection" consists of two black (Simples and Padrinos) and one "stone" suede. Haven't seen the last one in RL yet and not sure what color they really are.