What dogs do in their spare time...

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  1. Ah it's really a dog's life, ins't it??

    This is what my Rottn girl does in her spare time (while I am madly cleaning house for example!!):

  2. LOL! He looks likes he's waiting for a tummy rub! And I bet he gets lots of those! Cute!
  3. haha cute!
  4. Oh yeah!!! She is irresitable, even with her lips all flapped open and silly looking. She is a huge love, very cuddly like a giant teddy bear. :love:

  5. That is simply adorable, hmwe46! I love it when my GR acts all goofy like that – but it seems he does it less and less as he ages (he is now almost 4).
  6. She's so funny! I love it when my dogs do that. I've heard that when they lay with their tummies exposed like that, they feel really safe and trust you, because it's a vulnerable position. We've had some dogs do it a lot, and a couple hardly ever-maybe it bothered their backs.

    What a tough life she has!
  7. OMGosh, she's so cute!!! I have a Rottie, too.
  8. If that's your Rott in your avatar he is stunning!

    More pics please :yes:

  9. ...
  10. ^^^^Janss--your pets have a very nice life! Laying in a sunny window--they look contented.:sleepy:
  11. hmwe SOOO cute!!!! hahaha, i think you should bring her over and I'll dogsit her! She can play with Rufus!

    janss - awww!!! I love catching my little ones sleeping in the sun, it's darling!
  12. How fun! They like sleeping upside down!
  13. Spare time from what?
  14. What a great picture! SO adorable! :heart:
  15. Janss, love the sunbathing!!!

    Mello_yellow_jen, can I get you to puppysit for an entire weekend so I can *leave the house* :graucho: LOL!!! :roflmfao: