What dog would be best suited for apartment life?

  1. I've always wanted to rescue some dogs, but seeing as how im moving to a different country in a year or a year and a half i dont think that would be immediately possible since rescue dogs have special needs that im not sure i can provide them when i first make the move, but id still like to keep that option open because you never know you might fall in love with one day lol. but otherwise what other breeds do you think would fit this? i'd always be going out on a run and walk, so hyper activity isnt a problem, or if their more of a 'stroll around and smell the roses' type of dog thats fine too. i was thinking today maybe a long haired dacshund.

    this summer is like my planning time lol, i was suppose to go over to england this summer, but that didnt work out. so im keeping myself busy with some jobs (one of which starts today!) and shopping around, having fun planning and such. and so i was thinking, what type of dog do i want to start out with, because it usually takes around a year if your lucky to acquire a dog depending on what type of breed.

    size does not mattter, i love minis, to medium sized dogs.
  2. I heard Chihuahuas are great for apartments because they're so small and also I dont think they need quite as much exercise as bigger dogs. I think your either a fan of Chihuahuas or your not so it depends on whether you like the look of them :smile:
  3. Aarti, what's going to happen to your cute little Westie?

    PS Admit it, you're only going to England to stalk Joe Cole, aren't you? :biggrin:
  4. AArti:

    Be sure you check import regulations for the country where you are going. Many countries do not allow import of live animals or require an extended (6 months or more) quarantine. I think many countries in Europe require quarantine.
  5. Shih tzus are great. Minimal exercise required. Ours gets tired after about a block. :smile:
  6. Surprisingly, I heard greyhounds are really great appartment dogs... they love to sleep on the couch or in their baskets/beds and they make great companions. :flowers: There are a lot of nonprofit organizations that rescue them from race tracks and make them available for adoption. You could make a nice new friend and save a life, too :biggrin:
  7. i love my french bulldog. the most they weigh is 24-27 pounds. very smart. easy to housebreak. not barkers.
  8. a small dog would be best because he can get exercise just from running around your apt :smile:
  9. I'd go with the smaller breeds like Pomeranians or Chihuahuas. Maybe even Scotties or Westies.
  10. Only problem with a small/tiny dog in my experience is that they tend to be yappy. In an apartment, that might be problematic.

    Frenchie's are GREAT! They love to just hang out with their owners, don't really bark much and laze around a lot! Perfect apartment dogs!
  11. We love our two Lowchen. They are small (12-27 pounds), non-shedding, easy to train, very companionable. Happy to sit or sleep most of the day, but they do love their walks. They are distantly related to the Bichon Frise, but they come in many colors. My little girl is at my feet right now!
  12. they love to please their owners too. i love my frenchie. but they do snore...
  13. I have two chihuahuas and would recommend them for apartment living because of their size and also because they can be "litter box" trained. My dogs use an oil drip pan (the kind you buy for under your car) with newspaper on it as their indoor bathroom. We can leave them in the house even when we're gone and not be worried about accidents or messes.
  14. Here's an entire website with a list of dogs that are good apartment dogs. Although I have a beagle and he's a fantastic apartment dog, so really I'd focus first on a breed that works with your lifestyle and then worry about being an apartment dweller.

  15. Hello,
    Basenji's are a good breed for apartment dwellers, but just like any other breed you need to research their needs and quirks.

    Google Basenji rescue, there is a lot of info on the specifics.