What DOESN'T Hermes make?

  1. I asked my SA about that, and she said Hermes doesn't make sunglasses or lighters.

    Anything else that Hermes doesn't make? They make umbrellas, furnitures, linines, condom holders, pretty much everything else.
  2. Make up and food.
  3. Does lipstick count? If so, Hermes only doesn't make food!

    And thank God... could you imagine how rich it would be? Like choc death fudge brownies!
  4. They don't make the kleenex holder anymore.....that sucks. I could really go a little tissue holder in rose shocking chevre.
  5. I wish they made sunglasses :biggrin:
  6. What - condom holders - what? OMG I need that. :nuts: Where can you get it, any pics?
  7. I don't think they make underware either. But I could be wrong.
  8. MrsSparkles posted one in one of the threads from a while back. And then I was told that the BeBop Mini was also supposed to double as a condom holder, while the BeBop PM could double as a maxi pad holder. The one that MrsS posted was not the Bebop though.
  9. And the fudge brownies will probably cost like $400 a pop.:drool:
  10. Oooh, I was looking for that too!!! My SA told me the same thing. She also said that the cellphone holders might not be around too much longer, even though I could've sworn I saw one in Rose Shocking recently...
  11. ohh they WILL, once HG decide whether it's a year supply of the BARENIA panties and bras or the bag !

    Do they make furnitures ?
  12. ^ oh YES. They make the Pippa range, and DIVINE pearwood furniture.
  13. That sounds NICE !!!! Where do I find them ?
  14. In the MAison Department! My store only has a Pippa desk, and a stool...but the larger stores should have more. You can usually see some featured in the Le Monde.
  15. :yes: :hysteric: :crybaby: