What does your Spy's leather feel like???

  1. Hi... I would hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I posted this exact bag on the authenticate this bag on the Fendi board... and I was told that it was not authentic :sad: I really hope that I am wrong, but that is what the experts there said... I would wait for more confirmation of this, and/or suggest that you post your Spy there and seek their opinion. Best of luck... and if this person did scam you, I hope that you are able to recover your money!!

  2. Oh no... I've never purchased from this seller, but I really thought they sold authentic bags. Until now. Stars, I'm gonna attach a Fendi guide from Pinchrosemary's eBay page. Compare the hologram tags on the real and fake versions of the spy bag. I hope it's not too late for you to get your money back. I'm sorry...

    eBay Guides - Authentic Fendi is Available on Ebay - Guide II
  3. mine is authentic and it's not too soft. maybe it's cuz it's used?
  4. The leather is rather dull, (could be from being used), but still - I thought it would look better. I've taken pictures.

    I compared it to Pinch's guide again and here's what I know:

    the widest part of the hinged compartement = 5 1/8"
    the FENDI is written nearer the hinge on the spy glass
    the zucca looks authentic
    the "mouth" on the hinged-compartment is right

    the A is on top on the hologram tag (how old would this bag have to be to be authentic??? :s )
    There is only one screw holding the little spy compartment to the bag (does yours have 2??? :sad: )
    The hinge compartment hardware is silver
    The spy compartment hardware is gold (silver to hold on the leather strap)
    The interior plaque is against the front wall?!?!?

    Thanks for all your help! :flowers:
    Spy 1.jpg Spy 2.jpg Spy 3.jpg Spy 4.jpg
  5. If the hologram serial tag format is in the manner you describe (we really need a pic of it to authenticate), then the bag is from S/S/05.

    There should be two screws: one must have fallen out - they have a tendancy to.

    We also need a pic of the leather serial tag to authenticate.
  6. The leather serial tag is hard for me to read (another sign I'm sure): 2415 8BR511 RQ1 058

    Here are the pics.

    Thanks greendrv! :flowers:
    Spy 5.jpg Spy 6.jpg Spy 7.jpg
  7. Here are better pics of the hologram tag & one screw:
    Pics 179.jpg Pics 178.jpg
  8. Thanks for all your help and sentiments girls! :tender: I had My Poupette verify the bag's authenticity, and it is indeed a fake. :crybaby:I'm assuming the seller had no idea because this was a pretty good one - so watch out ladies!!! :amazed: The seller is working with me and will soon be refunding my money. I'll keep you all posted, and some day I will too find my Spy.......:love:
  9. I did think it was too cheap to be true - normally when its too good to be true then it is fake!

    Sorry about that - good luck getting a new one
  10. Sorry to hear it's fake..:sad: I have to say that Spy sure did fool me, it's one of the best I have seen a "super fake" I guess it might be easier to tell IRL...I hope you manage to get your money back ok and find a beautiful authentic one soon!:heart:
  11. WONDERFUL! I'm glad the seller is reasonable, understanding and is going to refund your money! The pix on eBay were too fuzzy. When I looked at your pix, which were much clearer, the bag looked real enough. So, I can see how the seller and anyone else for that matter, could be mislead. And no doubt about it, you'll definitely get your authentic spy!
  12. "crunchyish" leather? How awful! Good luck on the refund process!
  13. Good Luck!
  14. Does anyone know when Fendi started using 2 screws to hold the spy compartment to the rest of the bag, (or have they always used 2)?

    For anyone who doesn't know what I'm referring to, there is a picture on a current listing of what the 2 screws should look like. Here's the link, (it's down at the bottom of the listing past the other pictures):

    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI ZUCCA & NAPPA SPY BAG 8BR511 $2075 (item 170068379720 end time Jan-14-07 17:11:45 PST)