What does your SO think of your shoe fixation?


What does your SO think of your shoe fixation?

  1. It's an all out war every time I so much as THINK about another pair.

  2. "Shoes? What shoes?" SO simply doesn't notice.

  3. It's the elephant in the room: we simply don't discuss it. It's better this way.

  4. He likes my shoe fixation, but falls short of being an Enabler.

  5. SO is my shoe pimp! SO aids me in every aspect of my fixation!

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  1. My BF is nothing but fantastic about my shoe collection. He gives me door-to-door service when he knows we're going out and I'm wearing killer heels. He's got my Louboutin contacts on speed-dial. He scours on-line sources for me when I'm looking for a particular shoe. He agreed to dedicate a bedroom in our new apt to my shoe collection. The list goes on.

    I was informed that this is not the norm by a good girlfriend (who, oddly, has a very metro BF).

    What's your SO think of your shoe fixation?
  2. You are very lucky! My SO sure likes his shoes, too, so he's pretty reasonable with me
  3. None of the options here describe my husband. He just thinks I am nuts :nuts:

    He fails to understand at all my fixation on shoes but he doesnt fight it and by no means an enabler. But the poor guy has to endure endless discussions about shoes all the time. so over all he is a pretty good at tolerating it. Sometimes I feel like he is amused by it simply because the subject excites me. <hopefully nobody here thinks I am weird>. Honestly he thinks that only women care about shoes and that guys never even bother to look down at a womens feet. I really dont care if its true I wear shoes for me and nobody else. Certainly not for him :p

    What is very rewarding though is that I have educated him so well that he can almost tell any woman what brand shoe she is wearing. At least he is paying attention .. maybe he will learn style names soon ....
  4. ^^ my guy has to endure "shoe talk" as well, lol. I think I am now even more into shoes than bags actually. He hasn't gotten to the point of getting me shoes for gifts because it's quite hard to find my size in a style I want. But he's always enthusiastic when I get a pair I really adore.
  5. My husband actually has kicked my shoes around, that's what he thinks of my shoes, my Pradas, Chloes, MJs, Marnies...
  6. My BF loves shoes way more than bags. I do too so it works out. A few weeks ago I had on the sexiest pair of CL platform heels and he was like whispering in my ear "buy them... buy them... they're so sexy." I wimped out and bought the simple pumps instead (boring I know) but I couldn't bring myself to pay $300 more for a platform :sad:.
  7. My bf is really sweet about it. We have a 2nd bedroom that is officially the "junk" room, and I have shoe boxes and shoes everywhere, along with my huge bin for eBay/Goodwill.

    We went to an event for some recognition of 8th graders, and this girl had the cutest little platform wedge round toe gingham heels ... immediately, I pointed them out. After the event, she came up to us, and my bf was like, "my gf LOVES your shoes (she just beamed), and my gf KNOWS shoes ... she's got 'em all: Jimmy Choo, Tommy Choo, Big League Chew."

    It was so cute. He teases me, but he's also proud of his stylish girlfriend. I'm lucky!! :heart::heart::heart:
  8. ^^ Cuteness!

    It's alright, you'll eventually come over to the dark side. :yes: lol


    I'm currently single, but I think my future SO will understand my crazy shoes fixation... how could he not, all of my heels are freakin' sexy! :choochoo:
  9. Oh dear! I sense a bit of resentment and jealousy against your shoes! LOL

    Seriously, the kicking and general mistreatment of shoes is NOT ALLOWED in our home. That would promptly earn BF a place on the couch for the rest of the week!
  10. Ok, DH likes my shoe addiction/fixation but falls short of being an all out enabler for the moment (tight cashflow as he was studying full time). So for a while it was like "don't you even think of another pair" and then it became like the white elephant, we just don't discuss any new shoes he spies I have. Lol. Seriously, when our cashflow stabilises soon, he would be my shoe pimp. He notices all the red soles around now, still not so savvy with the rest yet. But he is fab with bags (names them when we see them on the street), so he'll pick up fast.
  11. Shoes aren't an issue with my husband. Now, handbags, that's another story!:rolleyes:
  12. My SO is an enabler!

    He loves me in heels and anytime I've hesitated and asked "are you sure you dont mind me spending X$ on another pair..." he has said if they were flats, or fugly, he'd have a problem. But lucky me, we have the same taste in shoes.

    He is starting to recognize the red soles now...Not too long ago he spied a woman in CLs and proudly said "Those are exactly like yours at home!"...well they weren't the exact same style or fabric, but it was cute anyway. :p