What does your SO think about tPF?

  1. My BF thinks I'm totally obsessed (I'm on everyday at work and every night at home!) and he doesn't see any good reason why! If only he knew how helpful you guys are!!! I've been telling him stories I read on here, and he does agree they are quite interesting.
  2. he just rolls his eyes and lets me get on with it.
  3. he thinks it's bad for my wallet and his ears....;)
  4. CherryPie & Azia - I agree with you both! Whenever he sees me on the computer he says, "not that forum agaiiin" but doesn't stop me. Then when I tell him how bad I want this bag and that bag he blames it on the forum.
  5. DH thinks it's amazing how us women can be on tPF for hours at a time. :smile:
  6. If I don't get something done or get to bed late...whatever...it's always, "Well...if you wouldn't screw around on that purse forum'...ha, ha! Or...'Oh no...not that purse forum again'!

  7. Now I feel bad for always being so annoyed when my BF was ALWAYS on his "honda-tech" forum. He'd be on it all night! But now I understand his addiction. =)
  8. My hubby pretends that tpf is only in his dream :graucho:
  9. Hi all, he knows I log on the site, he thinks its cool as long as I dont go mad and want to buy lots of stuff!Lol!x
  10. He thinks it's cute how I get worked up and excited about things I've see on tPF. He's also part of a guitars forum - he's a musician so he understands the obsession and that we don't just talk about purses!! :biggrin:
  11. He thinks it's funny! Sometimes, he'll sit on the sofa and just stare at me while I'm reading and posting. He usually wants to know what people here are talking about. He'll ask, "Has so and so been on lately"? LOL!
  12. Mine thinks it is pretty cool I have something like this to go to.
  13. he's more into TPF than the forum he joined (a musicians blog).
  14. The bf always looks at my computer screen and is like...you're always on the purse forum!!!! I think he may get jealous of the site :roflmfao:
  15. He would rather I be on TPF than lurking in some other chatroom !!